🦥 Ash People who don't really play games anymore: What games do you find yourself going back to every once in a while? Personally, I still catch myself playing Morrowind and DOOM (1993).
👨‍🎓 Edward Factorio (actively developed) and Pharaoh (1999). Outcast (1999) is one of the greatest games ever, but I never managed to play through on a modern computer. OpenOutcast never happened iirc...
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M_dow Zettelkasten and Bullet Journals are my two favorite productivity tools. A++ highly recommended.
👨‍🎓 Edward But how do I migrate all my notes usefully? What if something else comes up in a few months and I want to switch again? Really liking notion.so right now, but not feeling good about using something thats not super low tech
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