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Miso What's your spirit animal?
☁️ Will water bear
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🌜 Milkman Riot Looking for movie recs on streaming services (Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime). Any genre, US-based
⚙️ Vdo Any scuttlebutt plebs out there?
☁️ Will Want to. But like with Urbit/BlockStack/etc, I wonder about mechanisms to discover interesting content on the "novel and likely technologically superior tool". Even subreply here has that 'immediate gratification' of interesting people discussing compelling things. But maybe that's not the point of scuttlebut as mentions re: "Slow Web Movement".
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👽 Lucian Marin There's no caching layer because it will hide slowdowns. Once you don't have that you tend to focus on performance at all layers of the stack from template rendering to writing speedy SQL queries.
☁️ Will Wow on the no caching...
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☕ David Antoine At least I llike the fact that he says those theories are non testable (probably referring to the M-Theory and its 10e500 combinations w/o predictions). But at what point do you decide it is a dead end? This is an intricate question & one of the main problem of cosmology today. There are 100+ inflation models, Hubble constant discrepancy with Planck observations, dark energy/cosmology constant prediction problem (QM at 10e122 and GR at 10e-9), etc. An interesting mess indeed.
☁️ Will Definitely. Perhaps the fact that they are explored and enumerated as potentially unverifiable until further understanding (wave function collapse, quantum entanglement, etc) permits but at least they are enumerated and considered explored. That way we don't get caught in a loop of _repeating_ dead ends. And perhaps human frame of reference, with our senses and the way we participate in time/space are sufficiently limited that they may not actually be directly resolvable.
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Ganesh Khade Javascript or Typescript?
☁️ Will Either as long as they are Progressive Web Apps?
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☕ David Antoine Watched a few videos about the holographic principle a long time ago, except that most recent one. That principle is a product of string theory I think and as far as I know still no predictions that could be tested by observation. The tidbit about using quantum entenglement to emerge the fabric of space with the holographic principle is interesting. Especially knowing that string theory is not background independant. How they tackle that problem is above my pay grade... :)
☁️ Will To me, just the idea that our perspective (pun) of how we observe the universe and things in it (re: ourselves) based on what level of dimensionality (3 + time?) is afforded by our senses seems quite interesting and that the 2 dimensions of the hologram or more than 3 or 4 based just on how the data is represented is pretty interesting to me. I also liked this version of things:
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Zero Edge Quantum Physics. What about two worlds instead of "many worlds"? True vs False. 0 vs 1. Light vs Darkness. Conscious vs Subconcious.
🦥 Ash People who don't really play games anymore: What games do you find yourself going back to every once in a while? Personally, I still catch myself playing Morrowind and DOOM (1993).
☁️ Will Nethack, System Shock, Cyclone
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