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Yo Dude ok, starting the first post with a question, why are you here? i came because i saw it on HN..
🔭 Geraldo Sturgis Same. Interesting to see how it will do with many more users.
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🎲 James York Great to meet you! Do you use games in your teaching? I'm only familiar with language teaching personally, but use a number of different games (board and digital).
🔭 Geraldo Sturgis We try to integrate games to reinforce topics but not board games. We've done mystery boxes, competitive games like Jeopardy, Kahoot.
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🎲 James York Anyone here involved with education? Specifically game-based learning.
🔭 Geraldo Sturgis High school math teacher here.
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🔭 Geraldo Sturgis If America runs on Dunkin and obesity is such a problem, is the slogan really effective?
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