🛰️ Alec A friend of mine just got into writing python. He's now asking if there are any resources for learning to write code more elegantly. Has anyone ever read anything that's helped you with the quality of your code?
☝️ Jean-David Moisan Learning Haskell is what improved the quality of my code the most. It changed the way I thought about code and then I brought what I learned back to other languages.
Cole Hudson I'd like to cosign general sentiment of 's reply; learning varied languages will improve how you write code generally. Though for python specifically I would recommend Effective Python (amazon.com/Effecti...). I read it years ago and found it very useful. Besides books, I think you'll find that reading the PEPs and code on GitHub are both very useful.
🎯 Gallium Oxide I highly recommend the Real Python website. It has tons of detailed articles.
🧿 Andrea I highly recommend the "99 bottles of ruby" book (2nd edition just came out and I've received a 50% off coupon) and exercism.io (same authors)
🎲 Jamie Related somewhat to the Haskell reply, I'd advise being very _conscious_ of mutable state. You're in a high-level language which aims to support functional style in many places, so err towards minimising mutable state, and introduce it only with full consciousness of its purpose and consequences.
🎛️ Mesut Ucar Clean Code - Robert Cecil Martin
😃 Javier Check LosTechies.com and look for S.O.L.I.D principles
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👾 Marty What is everyone's favorite 80's movie?
🛰️ Alec Not a movie per say but Magnum Pi
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Aidan I'd hate him to win another term for the environmental ignorance he brings.
Xfbs Hey everyone!
🛡️ Cyrano My dad's the same way. My dad thinks that the virus is a bunch of satellites zapping away the oxygen from different locations. I don't like arguing with my family, so I just went with it.
🛰️ Alec I totally understand going along with your parents because it puts strain into a relationship but I'm kinda worried we might all be feeding their self confidence about these conspiracy theories in doing so.
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🦄 Chip Uni Hey, subreply folk -- what resources do you use most to keep up with coronavirus information?
🛰️ Alec I've been really enjoying rt.live if you're in the US
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🎲 Jamie Not 4 hours after standing up a website, I learned that some US ISPs inject content into plain HTTP webpages. I guess the time to set up HTTPS is now!
🛰️ Alec If you can pack your site into a docker container, there's a super simple way to use nginx + let's encrypt to do all the work for you!
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