🍁 John J. Wow. I need to catch up with GoGo Penguin; I've clearly been missing out on some lovely stuff in recent years: youtu.be/aRG3NMpqSh4 hashtagseenthemlive hashtagbeforetheplague
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🐵 Max How to ensure this place will not become toxic, as some other social media platforms can be?
Lewis Walsh No hashtags!
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Yo Dude First week impressions : still not entirely convinced by its "left pane".. like the reply structure and finding people is always difficult .. I don't understand the trending page , same for left side navigation buttons on mobile
Peter Clarkson Exactly my impression too. 12 buttons is a bit much for me (although a few of them, to be fair, are highly intuitive like search or settings). I still don't quite understand how I can find things that I am interested in, or whether there is any way to group conversations into a particular "topic" (maybe hashtags like will take off) - it feels like a free-for-all.
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🔻 Trinity There are hashtags, maybe we could make subcommunities like this? Feels like it defeats the "one big chatroom" thing though.
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🎲 Jamie Hashtags would be nice, but it as above says, the search is not quite there yet.
🌮 Hejo Iirc you already can use hashtags
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🌚 Nlggers Perhaps hashtags could serve as a function for topic based thread organization.
🎲 Jamie Hashtags would be nice, but it as above says, the search is not quite there yet.
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🌊 Zero Two subreply does not have a clear focus. Unlike a subreddit where people are seeking a specific type of content. rn it just feels like one big chat room with little common topics. IDK if that is a good or bad thing.
🌚 Nlggers Perhaps hashtags could serve as a function for topic based thread organization.
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😏 Yt L. Perhaps with time, and maybe more users, people can start to organize into sub-networks with shared interests, by followers or hashtags.
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🌊 Zero Two I have yet to see any use of
🌚 Cosmo there's hashtags
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🌘 Alana wtf theres hashtags
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👁️ Mbladra What are thoughts on adding a hashtag feature
🙂 Omar Are a thing here?
Rsm Did I read somewhere that you get one hashtag per post or subreplete?
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😀 Tom Hmm, didn't Ello get its shine in the spotlight for being LGBTetc-friendly with not having a real name requirement? Then Sublevel is even better because people can change their name/usename when they change their gender. Maybe Sublevel needs to get hyped up in the LGBTetc communities. Sublevel also looks a lot better than Ello. However I feel like something is broken. People can't see new users unless they go to . Any thoughts ?
☕ David Antoine Username change is nice yes. Don't use Ello even if it seems to have a nice interface also. I'm still impressed by Sublevel speed. Would be nice to have the possibility to change colors (I use it with the black theme for now) and customize a simple theme fast (at least for non developers). For new users, when you go to Search, there is a random user suggestion to follow, maybe list the new users there with also a list of "trending" or new hashtags for example ? Or filter by date of arrival in the timeline instead of last activity ? Not sure. And a logout shortcut always accessible on the top right of the interface also :)
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Mark Dain Yeah I noticed that earlier, it's rather bizarre. I'd imagine there's some different code powering the layout of the page as if you didn't notice, the telegram.me link I sent you wasn't auto linked the way it is here: telegram.me/ancarda
🏒 Lucian Marin I changed the way links are parsed. The link parser is now regex based. No more dots, a bit harder for people to share them, but regex is a standard in any programming language. Links, mentions, hashtags, reftags shouldn't be wrapped with brackets or other punctuation. It's pretty logical if you think about it. They are part of the way Sublevel works, they are acknowledged as internal objects. If you mess with these objects and give them another meaning by placing them in brackets then they lose their identity.
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💬 Subreply The last update brings more flexible profiles, support for Unicode hashtags, following back indicators and fixes some issues with Firefox running on Ubuntu.
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Martijn TV shows keep telling me to use hashtags, watching now. Dutch celebs trying to conduct a full scale orchestra without training.
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