🔚 Bort Simpson As someone who has worked in a LAMP / web admin environment for a decade without using Python, what are the most common use cases for Python?
Dan Heath Working in IT networking - Python is the defacto launchpad for NetDevOps. Most integrations, SDKs, tutorials to coax network engineers away from CLI are based on Python.
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Wyclif But are you sysadmin, DevOps, or SRE?
🌮 Hejo sysadmin (networking -> infosec)
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😀 Tom I have this fantasy about moving to a small town in the middle of nowhere, becoming the tech guy in that town, and switching everyone over.
John Olinda Linux and mesh networking for all!!!!
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Jason Pittam It's been 2 year and 2 months. Whoa. What's your passion?
Mark Dain Welcome back! I guess I love security, making things resistant to being tampered with. This has multiple layers; making systems redundant so they are better resistant to denial of service attacks or have fewer single point of failures. Closely related to security is networking and cryptography; other topics I enjoy learning about or using.
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John Olinda Well, we are GMT+9, so if sometime between 7:00 and 13:00 GMT works for you on Saturday, I'll do my best to be free. Sunday won't work, I'm afraid.
Mark Dain So I managed to get it installed this time, I remember it being much harder but that may just be more experience with computers and so on. Now the issue I'm having is "pkg_add" seems to not work. Perhaps the networking is broken, I'd like to install Vim, PHP, mplayer and Firefox. At that point I can at least work on my computer.
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John Olinda I'm not really sure. I signed up out of curiosity and haven't had too much time to explore yet. I'm just hoping to find some people on there that I know as "anchors" so I can branch out from there. Then again, I made several new friends signing up for Sublevel, and I didn't really know anyone on here at the time. Maybe that'll happen again? I feel like so few social networks really realize the vision of meeting new people. Sublevel's been my best experience with that, partly due to the IRC channel last year.
Nkrs I've given up the idea of finding people I already know on other social networks. More or less everybody I know personally is on Facebook, and perhaps Instagram. I guess there's very little overlap in interest between me and my peers, or maybe I am just interested in doing stuff online that isn't just posting pictures or watching videos. I'm glad Sublevel exists, it is very much different than other social networking options out there, and in a good way.
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Mark Dain Doesn't the app use WKWebView which is the same underlying engine as Safari? I don't see how that would make it work any better honestly. Btw speaking of the app, I emailed you offering to help with implementing push notifications, did you get that? I never got a reply :(
🏒 Lucian Marin Networking layer is different for apps. It never dropped the server connection for me. In Safari it happens everytime like you said. It didn't happen in iOS 8 so maybe it's just a bug, not a feature. Push notifications when Apple can't get anything right? I will cancel my developer account. It's a waste of money.
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John Olinda Chromium browsers and Firefox Developer Edition. I get that browsers are very sophisticated these days, but man, what happened to Chrome being the light browser? I should be thankful though, it's not nearly as bad as when I was using OS X.
Mark Dain I suppose it shouldn't be that surprising. I've heard people say browsers are a mini OS given the number of APIs they have; file access, networking, 2D/3D graphics, camera, microphone, process isolation...
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Eric I honestly don't think it's that old a processor, it's a pretty new but I got the whole PC off GumTree for PS30 so it might be set up crazy wrong. I'm pretty clueless in this area, all I know is that errors are thrown whenever I try and use netcat, nmap or stream through any significant amount of data it messes up. Illegal instruction errors are thrown or significant data is lost (processor can't keep up) and the CPU shoots to 100%. Pretty annoying tbh since it's a pretty cool little box, I'll find another use for it.
Mark Dain That sounds like something is fried, but I'm leaning more towards the motherboard being faulty as it's breaking networking. If you know a reputable PC shop perhaps they can run some diagnostics. I know there is a CPU stress test you can run. If your BIOS can do it, do a memory check, otherwise you may be able to find a program that does this (live CD?). Either way, whatever component is faulty can be replaced. Did the seller on GumTree say anything? Perhaps you can contact them to ask?
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🏒 Lucian Marin You can try this setup by installing Ubuntu Minimal (help.ubuntu.com/co...) and one or more virtual machines on top of it. You might need to install some video card drivers, otherwise I don't think the virtual machine can display pretty UI graphics.
Mark Dain The host OS would probably be comprised of Linux, drivers, systemd and Xen. What drivers is everything you'd need the guest to do, like networking and graphics. I'm not sure if a GUI is needed on the host to pass it over to the guest. If it is, I'd want something like, X11 without a window manager, if that's even possible. I'm thinking of building a base from Arch or Gentoo for this
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John Olinda I'm always amazed at how few ISPs support IPv6, either in their infrastructure or the modems and routers they install in people's homes.
Mark Dain My ISP has supported IPv6 for more than 10 years but this is a third party router (TP-Link W9980) which is running in VDSL mode. For some reason I can't get IPv6 to work. I'm going to try buying a VDSL terminator and running the router in PPPoE mode instead. Failing that I'll just fork out and buy my old DrayTek router again. I got IPv6 to work beautifully on the Vigor 2750N. Networking is hard :(
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John Olinda Well, I have been thinking through a post about it on my personal blog, but that wouldn't really add too many people I'm afraid I think it definitely appeals to those who love native web apps and lightness. I'll have to think about this question more...
🏒 Lucian Marin I'm pretty sure there are thousands of people like us. But my networking/marketing abilities has reached a limit. What I know is that I received only positive feedback about Sublevel. Spreading the word about it won't make you look bad.
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C4nn4r Just been messing around with that new social networking site called "Ello", seems rather dead to be honest but that's to be expected when it's still in closed public beta. From what I can tell, it's like some sort of bastard child between Tumblr and Twitter. Maybe that will change as time goes on though.. We'll see. What's on your mind today anyway, fellow Subleveler's?
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Mark Dain Looking into building my own router (running Linux) but I'm not sure what hardware to get. Would Mini ATX be fine? Ideally I need 4 PCI-E; 2 for Ethernet, 1 for Wi-Fi and 1 spare. I'm aiming for fastest networking (Ethernet) and lowest power consumption over everything else.
🙄 Doug Belshaw Have you seen DD-WRT? Might help you decide: dd-wrt.com/site/index
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Luna This looks like it could be interesting. Something between a better twitter and a diet facebook. I like the sound of that.
🏒 Lucian Marin Sugar free networking, eco-friendly too.
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🏀 Air Bud Guys, how do we make big?
Tacobell you need to do more
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