😀 Tom Uh oh. Someone is giving a run for his money. Hey.Cafe is trending on HN. Some interesting ideas including paying to unlock a longer status.
đŸĻŋ Lucian Marin Reminds me of the mistake I made when I renamed Sublevel to Sub.Cafe. Paying for a premium domain isn't ideal. Also, scaling is an issue for media rich sites.
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😀 Tom , did you let sublevel.net expire? It no longer redirects.
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đŸĻŋ Lucian Marin Yes. Change your bookmarks.
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😀 Tom Darn gravity. Why did Isaac Newton have to invent it and ruin it for the rest of us?
đŸĻŋ Lucian Marin Then we wouldn't have "sublevel".
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Seth Kontny Hello sublevel smk\
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Seb Tiying up my social networks, trying to disappear from the internet, I came across this site. I last posted here years ago, nice to see it's stil here!
Burensasub Welcome back! This used to be known as Sublevel and then shut down for a while. It was brought back as Sublevel several months ago (I think it's been that long I'm losing track of time, lol)
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đŸŸŖ Ox Lynx browser users: What key "sends" my subreply status? I just get new lines on pressing enter or ctrl enter.
☕ David Antoine From 3y ago : "Either your browser has no JavaScript and renders the INPUT element contained by NOSCRIPT, or your browser support all the JavaScript used by Sublevel for its TEXTAREA. If you end up somewhere in between (e.g. by blocking JavaScript through uBlock, like me) the website becomes unusable". So maybe check your ad-block or JS status. Or just try another browser (I know it doesn't work with Opera Mini but Opera Mobile is fine).
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đŸĸ Xia How can this site (sublevel) be so fast. I mean < 50ms even for the 45 threads view? Just wow! Would love to see a technical write-up, stack, DB structure, caching etc. I really find the speed very impressive
🤔 David In a previous post he stated that it runs using Falcon and some WSGI (I'm guessing uWSGI -> edit: nope, gunicorn) on a high-compute Vultr instance. Link for reference: subreply.com/lucia...
đŸĻŋ Lucian Marin There's no caching layer because it will hide slowdowns. Once you don't have that you tend to focus on performance at all layers of the stack from template rendering to writing speedy SQL queries.
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☕ David Antoine I've just found out that the older posts of Sublevel are truncated at 480 characters when these are longer (to be expected of course). Just for that, you would have a good reason to bring back the old 640 characters limit (or a bit more maybe? But probably under a thousand to remain tidy)... I know most of the posts were shorter but a good amount were full length. Would be nice to have those back. But that's just me. Your call... ;)
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đŸ’Ŗ Zoid So what's the backstory here? Where did subreply come from and where is it going? I'm quite enjoying this.
🕹ī¸ Andrew Subreply used to be Sublevel. There were profile pictures and stuff but it was still minimalist. Had a more intimate feel than facebook/twitter/etc. which has carried over
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đŸĩ Max How to ensure this place will not become toxic, as some other social media platforms can be?
☕ David Antoine By being nice to each others. None of the original users of Sublevel/Subcafe had any problems on this platform up to its closure 2y ago. Since its rebirth, it seems it is finally getting a bit more of the attention it deserves. And inevitably, it comes w/ some of the new people directly accusing the platform of racism w/o knowing it never has been the case. How would they know? Even if they knew, they absolutely don't care anyway. Only time will tell how Subreply will evolve.
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🕹ī¸ Andrew If you complain about people reacting negatively to a word that you know is provocative, aren't you just playing yourself? Sure, people can say whatever they want, but IMO people aren't going to be that receptive to your points.
☕ David Antoine Sure doesn't help. It's a matter of good judgment I suppose. Do you remember how Sublevel was before the actual burst since it returned? I don't recall any discussion about racism, gender, bigotry, etc. Was super nice. Now you see those people coming and immediately shouting racism! What? Not the best way to start a conversation. Best way to drag down the platform... Going back to work full time soon anyway, so less time to spend here. I'll see how it goes from the side...
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😏 Yt L. Perhaps with time, and maybe more users, people can start to organize into sub-networks with shared interests, by followers or hashtags.
☕ David Antoine had something like that with channels I think, or was it hashrefs? It was not Sublevel but another experiment. Multithread? I don't remember, it was more than two years ago I think... EDIT: Superthread! I think...
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☕ David Antoine This is an old video I posted more than 3 years ago on Sublevel about how bad modern art is... It is interesting, short and goes by fast. Thought I would post it again. Here: youtube.com/watch?...
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🤔 John Welcome HN readers! has made a nice little community here. You may have seen this site as Sublevel or Dubfi in the past.
đŸ”ē Erno Hopearuoho This is the third iteration? What have been the main differences between Dubfi -> Sublevel -> Subreply?
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🤔 John Welcome HN readers! has made a nice little community here. You may have seen this site as Sublevel or Dubfi in the past.
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đŸ”ē Erno Hopearuoho This is the third iteration? What have been the main differences between Dubfi -> Sublevel -> Subreply?
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😀 Tom Front page of Hacker News, nice.
🤔 John I found sublevel through HN a few years ago, hopefully front page brings in just the right number of new users...
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