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Where is the best place to decipher clutter and find access to good deals on computer components? used, new. lots. more. lol thanks
Hello sublevel smk\
so what happen to sub level?
It got a new (less cool) name.
what is the best version of iOS since let's go with snow leopard ?
what are some recommended torrent sites? Or ways around such.
Just bought an iPhone XS Max. I don't know if I like the size of this phone. Interesting, I may be returning it for the smaller XS. The user experience just isn't there with the xs max. Maybe ill give it a few days. Anyone else have or had this issue.
Keep it until the last return day, see if you can get used to it.
So much ...tacos?
What is a legitimate VPN client ?
OpenVPN? That's what I use at least. Let me know if you find something better.
longtime sublevel! Hi, and hello.
Hey! Long time for me too. , maybe you should re-enable email notifications for a while.
So what geographic locations does everyone using sub level reside. This is in no relation to politics.
I live near Brighton, U.K.
saarland, germany
New York, United States
Hawaii, United States (great vacation spot, not great to reside; I hate it when people tell me I'm lucky to live here)
Quezon City, Philippines.
Belgium, the french speaking part...
Currently Wageningen, the Netherlands. Within 2 months Amal, Sweden.
I want to add regions support to Sublevel but I have an UX issue. There should be two selects that exclude each other, one for country and one for the regions of that country.
Massachusetts, U.S.
Brighton, UK
Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Orlando (City Beautiful), FL, U.S.A.
took back macbook pro back. only one in stock was 256gb hd so was not worth it. i may buy another or a laptop and desktop. or a razer blade pro or something. desktop.. i dont know help me out please. .... i want somoething that is loaded and can do everything i though at it and top of the line so i dont habe to upgrade for a while...
If you're thinking about the Razer Blade Pro, then consider the Dell XPS. I compared the two earlier, and it's a much nicer laptop IMO. There was even a side-by-side picture someone posted on the internet, the XPS looks much nicer than the Razer Blade.
Merry Christmas everyone. Delayed message. Couldn't leave sublevel out.
Happy Belated Merry Christmas!
So guys i want youre opinion on purchasing a new macbook pro with touch bar second priced version with 512ssd and 2gb dedicated gpu. possibly a 4gb gpu upgrade. Vs alienware 15 inch current model mid price range. this will be my sole device, and everything from intensive graphic / rendering to / programing / design / you name it will occur on this laptop. As i use a laptop for everything including watching movies and tv. I dont play many games on it, however i would like to p
Alienware. Most design software works with both major operating systems so that shouldn't be an issue. I would dual-boot Linux for development.
I can say that right now Linux doesn't work too well on the MacBook Pro with TouchBar. It's touchpad is so big that you need decent plam rejection and I heard Linux also lacks some drivers. I'd imagine the TouchBar itself may be an issue. Having said that, personally I'd encourage you to look at the Dell XPS 13/15 if you're not going for a Mac as it's (in my opinion) much closer to a MacBook in build quality. It also has Thunderbolt 3 over USB-C too. Gaming on the MacBook Pro
hey guys what is a authentic and good vpn? or better yet free
Previously I've been using PrivateInternetAccess and my service with them has been great. I just switched to CryptoStorm based on its listing at and so far so good. I'm using OpenVPN to connect to it.
I use PrivateInternetAccess which is pretty cheap, although I VPN to the USA. You may be better off using a VPN provider in Europe, depending on what you're trying to accomplish. Please do not VPN to the UK though. There are laws here collecting internet traffic (hence my VPN). I use L2TP rather than OpenVPN.
I am using Mullvad[.net] with Viscosity (an OpenVPN client for macOS).
How is everyone on ?
Good. Finally get organized. I think switching from Ubuntu back to Mint really helps with it. I just can't get used to Unity. Cinnamon is where it's at.
Busy with university work, paid work, housing tenancy mess, family & social. Otherwise, I watched The Young Pope drama; I highly recommend it (tears were wrought).