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Who upgraded to Big Sur ? Privacy implications of is it legit.
Computer store - scam - friend -
Where is the best place to decipher clutter and find access to good deals on computer components? used, new. lots. more. lol thanks
Hello sublevel smk\
so what happen to sub level?
It got a new (less cool) name.
what is the best version of iOS since let's go with snow leopard ?
what are some recommended torrent sites? Or ways around such.
Just bought an iPhone XS Max. I don't know if I like the size of this phone. Interesting, I may be returning it for the smaller XS. The user experience just isn't there with the xs max. Maybe ill give it a few days. Anyone else have or had this issue.
Keep it until the last return day, see if you can get used to it.
So much ...tacos?
What is a legitimate VPN client ?
OpenVPN? That's what I use at least. Let me know if you find something better.
longtime sublevel! Hi, and hello.
Hey! Long time for me too. , maybe you should re-enable email notifications for a while.
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