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Joined 26w ago. Seen 2d ago. I played around with CSS and got collapsible comments under Trending working (to an extent). Link to CSS here:
We've seen a few posts here discuss the purpose of subreply. Regardless of what we feel about its efficacy, I see that there's a general consensus and need for text-based services to become popular again (besides aggregators like HN, etc). Do you think that there is something missing from existing services? Forums, sites like Reddit? What if there was a service that was text-based entirely and operated with features from the aforementioned? Or, what would you improve upon?
Subreply would be easy to integrate with Keybase:
this would be a nice feature!
I have chosen to discontinue my use of keybase in light of their acquisition by Zoom given the number of times Zoom has implemented what appears to malicious features.
now that you mentioned scraping, I might write a simple cron job to track post data, active hours, post bursts, and geolocated activity. Would be neat to look at!
yes you could just ping it over to Segment maybe?
I'd definitely be interested to see.
So there have been ~21k posts on subreply if the data-attribute on the 'save' Node is the total increment count (neglecting deletes of course).
Since the post was deleted I'll ping you here. I agree that identities do not affect the quality of a person's opinion. Yet, the color, gender, or sexual orientation of a person may strongly relate to their held beliefs. Including a greater number of those people will also increase contributions in support or defense of those positions. So, actively promoting and including people from all backgrounds greatly assists the diversity of contributions. Do you disagree?
I wholeheartedly agree! The central message here is that societies need more intellectual diversity. The color of the skin, gender and sexual orientations are a byproduct of that and may or may not correlate in an expected fashion.
Interesting. It seems that many comments are being hidden deliberately in the Search tab (I don't mind moderation, just surprised that it's so active). In one of mine that was hidden I discussed APIs. Is it possible to receive a more extensive list of "do not talk about these" since there's not much on ?
What an atrocious thing to say:
Behold, the first post of subreply: - it turns out that posts are catalogued by incrementing ids using any lowercase alphanumeric. Based on the IDs I've seen, I'm guessing that there's only been ~12k posts total made on subreply. I haven't done the math though.
AHA! I was trying to figure out how to find parent comments from the replies here in search! Perhaps it was obvious to others, but if not then click on the "xx ago" label and it'll take you to it.
Thanks for the tip, didn't know.
Super useful, I could not figure that out
This is the kind of platform I need. I love reading more than anything, and usually come across golden nuggets of knowledge when reading comment threads with people motivated enough to write and reply often. Hope this pans out!