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Sibachian will subreply ever be federated through activityhub?
🤔 David I would be interested in this feature as well.
👨‍💻 Matthieu V. An ActivityPub federated alternatives ?
Sibachian this should be the only way forward for all forms of social media.
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Miso What's the Finnish boat? :)
Sibachian The Vasa Line
2y, 6w reply
Miso Favorite text editor?
Sibachian does Scrivener count?
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Diva The forecast states that the temperature won't drop below 20 degrees Celsius at 23:00 for the next few nights in London. What hell is this?!
Sibachian The tories.
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Miso How many coffees per day? I'm currently at 3 to 4, depending on how much work needs to be done
Sibachian I'm in IT, and live right next to the Finnish boat, there is no way I can do less than 10 cups a day.
🦥 Ash People who don't really play games anymore: What games do you find yourself going back to every once in a while? Personally, I still catch myself playing Morrowind and DOOM (1993).
Sibachian I return to Minecraft once a year. It's just packed with so much nostalgia for me.
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