David Barker Question: What's the name for the Sublevel equivalent of a tweet?
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Eric When did 'Post' go out of fashion?
8y, 12w reply
Simon Janes How about a lev? Hey, are you on my lev? You find that lev? First lev! YES IT MUST HAVE THE BREVE ( V ) ;)
8y, 17w 6 replies
Mark Myerson Like this idea. Not sure whether it will catch on as the community grows, but it gets my vote.
8y, 17w 3 replies
Hugh Spiller or blev. Blevving, blevved, blevver, reblev... "The good thing abut Sublevel is that people don't blev their lunch."
8y, 17w 1 reply
Hugh Spiller "re" doesn't work for me. Tweet -> tweets, tweeted, tweeting... re -> res, red, reing - not friendly or obvious words. "Sub" is too like subreddit. Maybe "ping", like sub => submarine => sonar => ping, or "step", like the way down to the basement, which also ties in visually with the post structure.
8y, 17w 1 reply
Anatasof Wirapraja ping sounds cool
8y, 17w reply
Ilustrebob We need a hipster name filled with irony and lacking vowels.
8y, 18w 3 replies
8y, 18w reply
Carina and what's the verb then? i need a verb to describe my re actions on sublevel!
8y, 18w 1 reply
8y, 18w 1 reply
David Barker I still don't know what a taco is.
8y, 18w reply