A mitochondrial vaccine can makes us live 500 years. The very same mitochondria keeps sharks, whales and giant tortoises alive for hundreds of years. We just need to learn how to do it.
On the topic of Artemis, here is a speech on why the current approach may not yield a good outcome. The author of the video did a very good job explaining the seemingly unnecessary risks the actual mission planning poses. In front of an official NASA audience... A must watch. m.youtube.com/watc...
Pain started in 1993. youtube.com/watch?...
As a developer, I would rather deal with AI generated code than crappy human written code. The new AI era will be nice unlike the current popular opinion.
I revamped all things related to groups and hashtags. Hashtag is a reference to a group. You can post and reply inside a group. I need to code a way to automatically create a group when you use a new hashtag. I think the best way to describe Subreply is having Twitter and Reddit in one social network.
☕ David Antoine I was wondering, maybe use a different symbol or two hashtags for a group... Wouldn't it be better to have groups separated from simple hashtags? If anything, to use simple hashtags for a trending option based on it for example (if Subreply explodes in popularity one day, hopefully)... Not sure though, that's a stupid idea maybe...
Apple released a new open-source programming language named Pkl (pkl-lang.org), for use in configurations.
Kottke turns a blog comments thread (kottke.org/24/01/l...) into a job board. Let's do the same on .
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I tried Samsung Galaxy S24 in the store today. The design is amazing, camera is terrible and the software experience is horrible. I will stick with my Pixel 5 for the moment. Pixel 9 renders look promising.
😀 Tom I liked my Pixel 5, but a Pixel 8 Pro upgrade was free for me. I initially missed the smaller form-factor of the 5, but I quickly adapted to the 8. Getting a TPU case with a built-in MagSafe-whatever and magnetic PopSocket is a great combo.
Python will get a JIT starting with version 3.13 (tonybaloney.github...), but it will not be enabled by default. It's a good time to be a Python developer.
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