I revamped all things related to groups and hashtags. Hashtag is a reference to a group. You can post and reply inside a group. I need to code a way to automatically create a group when you use a new hashtag. I think the best way to describe Subreply is having Twitter and Reddit in one social network.
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☕ David Antoine I was wondering, maybe use a different symbol or two hashtags for a group... Wouldn't it be better to have groups separated from simple hashtags? If anything, to use simple hashtags for a trending option based on it for example (if Subreply explodes in popularity one day, hopefully)... Not sure though, that's a stupid idea maybe...
🦿 Lucian Marin I used Facebook Groups and Reddit a lot lately. I like the current implementation. We just need to start using them. I can display group mentions (classic hashtags) separately if it explodes in popularity. Everything is already implemented in the backend.