very down-to-pluto person. #snowflakes
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Carina oh, hey snapchat! i sent a job application full of harry-potter-spinach-snowball-fight-references yesterday. thought this must be the perfect place to tell you!
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Hashtag hello, i'm the hashtag.
Ilustrebob We need a hipster name filled with irony and lacking vowels.
Carina and what's the verb then? i need a verb to describe my re actions on sublevel!
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Rod this is great!
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Journiapp if only there was a sublevel for travelers?
Carina if only!
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Christian Hello sublevel
Carina heyho!
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Charles I swear 99% of the allure of a new networking site is adopting early enough to get my first name.
Carina well, of course.
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Carina bagels.
Stefan all the bagels
Teresa omnomnom!