Charles I'm starting a startup. I'm asking people to take a survey. This board seems like fun people. is where it is. It's ten minutes, tops. If you're in the US, maybe you win a gift card if you luck out. I don't know. It'll be up to some random number generator at some point. Lemme know if you check it out. Thanks.
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Bahadur Wow man. Got my first name, it's not like anyone was going to take it any time soon. Perks of having an awfully unique name.
Charles you got the 6576th post too!
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Charles Who does one call to complain about sleepwalking?
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Miketheitguy gatsukouniRi Ben Yu tosupeinYu gabenkiyoushimashita.
Charles Xue Xiao <b>de</b>. . . ~ Yu <b>wo</b>. . . deshiyouka.
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Charles I swear 99% of the allure of a new networking site is adopting early enough to get my first name.
Richard I agree
Mike There should be a social network for people to connect with other people who have the same name.
Carina well, of course.
Brandon I read this and then joined.. Well played.
Jacob Timme It's so great
Bryansarnold Exactly...
Dave Walk Haha, the only reason I signed up for an email address!
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