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Adam Douglas Turing: film after 50 yrs. Jobs: film after 4 yrs. Hawking: film in his lifetime. Conclusion: the sooner you get a movie, the less brilliant you actually are. I mean seriously, what has Hawking done, besides be ill, take credit for something he accomplished with Roger Penrose (who always struck me as the actual brains behind their work), and popularise quantum mechanics for money? Steve Jobs at least imagined an operating system that respects typography and a phone that is a reasonable size (pre-iPhone 6).
Dave Walk Haha, "imagined." I have a feeling over time Steve Jobs' legacy will fade away while others won't. He's getting a movie made now because many people are obsessed with Apple and the studio wants to make money. Will we even remember him in 50 years?
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Mark Dain It's not so much the idea but for some reason I get connection reset when I send to Pushover after Subpush has been running for a few days. It sort of dies and I can't figure out why. All that works is restarting Subpush.
Dave Walk Are you logging in your app? If not maybe that would help you figure out what's happening.
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Mark Dain I've been playing around in OpenSSL all day and I finally got it to make a CA and a certificate. SSL labs seems happy aside from the untrusted root and "incomplete chain". Now I can sign certificates on the fly that all my devices will accept (including my phone)! Not sure how to solve the chain problem though.
Dave Walk One of our vendors had an incomplete chain problem this week and it caused our NodeJS client to their API (backed by OpenSSL) to throw an "UNTRUSTED" error so you should probably fix that. Unfortunately I dont remember how I've dealt with that in the past and handling SSL certs may be one of the most annoying things ever.
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Martijn The article makes the Horde sound a lot like MetaFilter, or is that just me?
Dave Walk Not too familiar with MetaFilter but this community was around one writer which is unique.
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Dave Walk Really interesting article about the community around the comment section of a prominent blogger. Unsurprisingly it didn't last.
Martijn The article makes the Horde sound a lot like MetaFilter, or is that just me?
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Mark Dain Last Thursday I cycled to work (~22.5 km) which was exhausting but I felt alive. I decided to do it again Monday but it turns out my bike had a puncture. It's annoying as over the weekend I bought salad and other healthy food and really decided to commit to this. It seems like as soon as I want to do something, I get nothing but setbacks. I really feel defeated right now.
Dave Walk You're going to have setbacks, what will lead to your success is how you overcome them. Plus don't see it as a streak that needs to be done all of the time, pick it back up when you can.
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Mark Dain Is it possible to configure vim to automatically run go fmt and go test when I save a file? I'd like it to throw a nice warning that since the last edit, the unit tests are no longer passing. If it's not possible in vim, I'll take a serious look at emacs. Anything is possible in emacs.
Dave Walk This will go fmt for you on save: I was using it today and it is sweet. Not sure about go test but couldn't you write your own post-write hook? I'm new to Vim but I imagine that's possible.
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Mark Dain bits.blogs.nytimes... -- I'm so numb to this I'm starting to not care. If the government passes this law, how can they realistically stop people from using encrypted chat programs?
Dave Walk Wow, he's basically saying publicly that he wants to do what the NSA does secretly.
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🏒 Lucian Marin It seems some people contribute to thousands of GitHub repositories just because they can, not because they have something meaningful to add.
Dave Walk "I fixed a typo in the README, that makes me a core contributor to Ruby on Rails!"
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Eric Can't argue with your reasoning. The output I'm seeing from your API link atm isn't pretty-printed, this seems to do the trick:
Dave Walk There are API consoles for Chrome and elsewhere to pretty print the JSON for you. Definitely more efficient to use than basic calls in a browser window.
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Martijn But it is tax deductible no matter when, right? For us Europeans to whom most of this isn't tax deductible it just comes at a time of year where funds are low.
Dave Walk Yes but you have to donate by the end of 2014 if you want to apply it to your 2014 submission that you complete next year.
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Martijn Why are all these pledge drives always in the end of the year when money is at its tightest?
Dave Walk Because its tax deductible and some people are in that mindset this time of the year. Also, perhaps because people are on average happier and more giving this time of the year?
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🏒 Lucian Marin Which button do I press to unwatch it?
Dave Walk Be careful for the technology that you ask for!
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Josh Sharp Black Mirror White Christmas. What a terribly evil episode.
Dave Walk So diabolical. Love the callback in the karaoke song.
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Dave Walk Misogi: Want to try something like this, if not this intense.
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Simon Janes There's a Christmas special airing Dec 18th. I'm sure it will be as messed up (good) as the prior. Charlie Booker is whack. :)
Dave Walk He's a guy that I want to investigate more. It seems like "15 Million Merits" is actually about him.
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