🦿 Lucian Marin Truncation is now set at 255~275 characters including the last word. It's optimized to be quickly readable. That means it's about 3 rows on desktop/tablet and 6 rows on smartphones.
Jacob Timme The truncation could be even more restrictive. Four lines on mobile would improve the experience I believe.
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Simon Janes That which does not kill us gives us something new to complain about.
Jacob Timme And makes us stronger... And stand a little taller
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Jacob Timme Hey everyone!
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Mike There should be a social network for people to connect with other people who have the same name.
Jacob Timme Www.reddit.com/r/Jacob is a good example
9y, 46w reply
Charles I swear 99% of the allure of a new networking site is adopting early enough to get my first name.
Jacob Timme It's so great
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