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Anatasof Wirapraja hello again sublevel!
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😀 Tom Hey! A 2 year hiatus? We're glad you're back!
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💬 Subreply Sublevel for OS X (Yosemite and El Capitan) can be downloaded from GitHub ( Source code is also available.
Anatasof Wirapraja make it "brew"able please :D
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Mark Dain Any reason why?
Anatasof Wirapraja to be hones, just because my HDD only 128GB man :))))))
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Anatasof Wirapraja this is crazy... but... I have this feeling that I wanna make my MBP only running windows 10. Suggestion?
🏒 Lucian Marin You have to make a bootable OS X Install USB drive, install Windows 10 using Bootcamp, boot into OS X Install USB drive, delete the OS X partition, expand Windows 10 partition to full size of your hard drive.
Mark Dain Any reason why?
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Anatasof Wirapraja Adobe new tool Project Comet: designing and prototyping user experiences. "everything you need to go from design to prototype ... in a vector design environment."
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🏒 Lucian Marin This looks interesting, but I wish a download was available. I hope that unlike Sketch, this will be a cross platform release.
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Pratul Kalia What's it about?
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🏒 Lucian Marin You design, I code a web app.
Anatasof Wirapraja It's a camera app . But that sounds good, if you need help to design a web app, let's team up .
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Anatasof Wirapraja Any Android/iOS dev interested to team up creating an app? i design, you code.
🏒 Lucian Marin You design, I code a web app.
Pratul Kalia What's it about?
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Anatasof Wirapraja So, my client server is still running on a jurassic version of centos and php. our custom cms is built on top of laravel and need php-mcrypt module. googled over php-mcrypt installation but none of the result solve the problem to install it. *burn client server*
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Eric Has anyone put to use Microsoft's offer of free MS Office for students yet?
Anatasof Wirapraja During my freshman years in my campus, we had free Windows7 and Office bundle for each student.
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Eric Yeah, had in the past, installed it on this machine. Yellow/Black theme with the visualisation on the 2nd screen. Banging.
Anatasof Wirapraja how about mediamonkey?
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Mark Dain Why'd you switch? I figure Windows Phone doesn't have a lot of time left in it before it's shutdown
Anatasof Wirapraja what matters most about an operating system is the availability of the apps. and i find it hard to get productivity apps (except office suite) and most of the apps available at windows store are clones. it's a shame.
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Eric Developed a Node CLI app to download and sort your liked tracks on SoundCloud. Adds MP3 metadata the best it can from the information provided & sorts into respective artist folders. Just needs some improvement but has worked a treat so far :) will release soon
Anatasof Wirapraja Is it like youtube-dl for soundcloud?
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Anatasof Wirapraja Made switch to Android again (Nexus 5) after a couple month using Windows phone. Smeagol is freeeeee!
Mark Dain Why'd you switch? I figure Windows Phone doesn't have a lot of time left in it before it's shutdown
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John Olinda Battery, SuperDrive, and feet have all been replaced on my 2009 MacBook Pro and replacement charger is on the way. Here's to one more year, old chap.
Anatasof Wirapraja I used to have 2009 MBP and replaced the superdrive with 128GB SSD and upgraded the RAM to 16GB, prolonged it's life until the logic board stop functioning in late 2012. I wish today's rMBP are hackable like the old ones.
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🏒 Lucian Marin I'm glad you like it. Let us know when the blog is ready.
Anatasof Wirapraja sure! but have to wait since i haven't extend my domains :(
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