🧉 Martin I really appreciate podcast hosts who: 1) Allow guests to speak without interrupting them too often. 2) Don't add noise like "uh-huh, yeah, etc." during the conversation. 3) Are constantly aware of the listening experience and ensure it's smooth. P.S. Can I coin LX now?
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Dan Heath Any recommendations for good podcasts on any subject?
2y, 11w 7 replies
🎣 Fish reply all, darknet diaries, ologies with ali ward
2y, 11w 4 replies
🧉 Martin I recently listened to the new Derek Sivers episodes. There's a lot of overlap, but his story and view on life are really interesting and motivating. A few of them are worth listening to: sivers.org/podcast. I also like JRE, depending on the guest. Three great ones: 1054, 1159, 1108.
2y, 11w reply
⚪ Ghostis Snap Judgement, Snap Judgment Spooked, The Knowledge Project by FS, Marketplace (public radio show), Planet Money, Particular episodes: TAL's The Giant Pool of Money, SJ's Lightning Strike Story,
2y, 11w reply
⚫ Aaron "yes I'm the CLXO of my company."
2y, 11w reply
🎲 James York 1) guilty, 2) guilty, 3) very aware. Will make greater efforts going forward.
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🧉 Martin To be fair, easy for me to say, and I'm sure much harder to do. Respect to all out there producing good honest content regardless.
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Ssbibbi Bobbiti Armchair Expert almost has a sarcastic tone most of the time, if you don't properly picture Dax Shepard's goofy ass while he throws those around.
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😏 Yt L. Point number two reminds me of Kara Swisher. She's constantly uh-huhing. I find it very aggravating and almost impossible to listen to her cause I keep thinking about how annoying it is.
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🧉 Martin I know it's something we often do in conversation (where it bothers me much less), but it's so much more jarring in a podcast. And of course it adds nothing but noise for the listener... it's merely an indulgence of the host at the cost of a smooth listening experience.
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