🤔 David Ooh, /discover looks interesting. Why the change ?
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☕ David Antoine David, do you know what should I modify or add to make threads collapse on the /Saved and /Discover tabs as well? I'll try it someday if you give me a hint or something. As I'm not very savvy w/ those things...
🤔 David As of right now the only modifications I can make are through CSS. In /Trending structured the HTML as to have the replies inside of a <div> directly after the original post--that allowed me to collapse them. However, in /Discover and /Saved the HTML isn't structured that way so any CSS changes we make can't achieve that. I was thinking of writing a browser extension that could do it automatically for us--once I get a start on metareply.net I'll work on that
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🧙 Lucian Marin is right, Saved and Discover don't render any context at all. I think it will be hard to know what you saved or what you searched for if it shows both the context and the reply.
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🧙 Lucian Marin Based on some people's feedback, "search" was confusing. I hope it brings more clarity to how you can use it to discover more content.
🚴 Aditya Great update!
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🤔 David Makes sense! Thanks for the info.
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👂 Sly Thanks for the updates! Keep them coming!
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😶 Pipas_ This is all I wanted. Keep going bro!
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Rsm Good change.
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🗨️ Fui Ah. Now I get it. I was so confused when I first got here. Now I feel more at home with the UI. Thanks!
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