Have gone back more to posting to my own little microblog site. For all the positives I may find here or there, there's nothing like having control of your own data. (Is there an export option on #subreply?)
Not that I'm aware of. Subreply and IRC serves different purposes, so I don't think there is a channel anywhere.
Trying to figure out the best use for
Feedback form would be nice. Currently I'm just spamming my feedback with tag and hoping that notices at some point :)
would be awesome if we were able to reply to our own posts to create twitter-esque threads
Who built ? What was the first message ever posted on the platform?
wow, the progressive web app is really nice on iOS
What is the best way to discover people to follow?
A lot of scrolling required, especially on the Trending section. Would be nice to be able to fold threads and maybe not display all replies by default. My guess is that most people who open Trending only see top one or two threads (due to the large amount of replies), showing only the original post of each would help discovery.
Another weird functionality. Clicking open a search for "", but returns everything that contains "subreply" (without the hashtag). In order to search for the hashtag itself you need to search "##subreply". This doesn't seem to be working as it should?
It seems that 'Search' open a feed of latest content in the platform in chronological order. Does anyone else feel like the 'reply' button should read 'thread'?