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Hey is there a way to delete my account? Sorry to go but I'm significantly paring down my digital footprint.
Gimme my light theme back!! // Update: I have my light theme back. // Update: Gimme my light theme back!!! // Update: I have my light theme back. Maybe some settings on my end are screwy.
Anyone know how to parse RSS in C? I know I can use curl to download the XML file but after that I don't know. Looking to rewrite github.com/devenbl... just to learn the language.
you can use libcurl to downoad the file in c and use libxml2 to parse it?
Learning C sounds fun, what prompted you to learn the language?
C++ is safer, more useful, has infinitely more jobs, more pleasant to use...
I just discovered TypeScript. I've always hated JavaScript because of its typing, I might actually get into it now.
I'm a big fan. Been writing it for a while now and it's a huge step forward in lots of ways. I would say, though, that like anything, it can be over-used in pursuit of the perfect type system, whereby code starts to get a little noisy and not necessarily better.
Seen on 4chan: "are there any distros based on Debian unstable or testing?" "there's one called ubuntu"
ROFL! It burns!
Laughing with an Arch Linux smugness!
it used to be based on debian unstable. what's wrong with that statement?
Love the new icons
They are made by . I just customized them a bit.
I'm just really surprised Americans actually care about us going back to school, for fear we may die. Y'all didn't do anything for twenty years of mass shootings but now y'all care when the threat affects you too. American students have already understood and accepted the risk of death from going to school. We would rather go back and live our lives and, if we are fated to die, die.
I think people that phrase it as protecting the kids aren't being completely honest. Kids are not likely to die from COVID. As of June 17, only 13 kids aged 5-14 have died from COVID in the US (out of 103K deaths). What I am worried about are the people that interact with the students. Parents, teachers, grandparents, kids with pre-existing conditions, etc. Opening the schools would greatly increase the number of cases and put more vulnerable people at risk.
Unfortunately our Muslim neighbors cannot aid in eating the rich, as pork isn't halal.
Does anyone know how to get a CSV export of a Google Sheet automatically from Python, without ownership of the sheet? Right now I'm just downloading the export, then copying the link from which I downloaded, and using wget. The Sheets API looks overcomplicated for my uses and I think you have to own the doc for it.
got a vhs rewinder at goodwill today. now to get my vcr set up
VCR: when noisy and grainy image was a feature (nostalgia).
I know audio casette rewinders exist ( cdn.shopify.com/s/... ) but I didn't know vhs rewinders were a thing
There are hashtags, maybe we could make subcommunities like this? Feels like it defeats the "one big chatroom" thing though.
all your base are belong to us
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