🤮 Chalupa Gordito Hey guys, let's talk politics
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🌘 Alana Anyone read this? I think it makes a good case for a type of emergent strategy: dsa-lsc.org/2019/0... > The more we can practice cultivating harmony within ourselves, the more we can cultivate authentic and spontaneous harmony with each other. The more we can cultivate harmony with each other, the more we can cultivate genuine harmony in societal structures.
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Gorky Park Wear a damn mask during a pandemic, be able to produce said mask, have a little more federal involvement with dumb govenors orders for COVID, and for gods sake fix the dumpster fire that is foreign policy rn
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🗜ī¸ Mx I'd agree with you, but COVID doesn't even qualify as pandemic.
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Niccolo Machiavelli let's! Who in here express their politics by way of wearing / not wearing a mask?
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😏 Yt L. I use wearing a mask as a way to express my belief in medical and scientific research. To the best of my knowledge masks are shown to be effective at reducing the likelihood of catching or spreading covid.
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Ice Okay: When text editors/browsers don't bind "cmd + number" or "ctrl + number" to switch tabs, it's an infringement on human rights.
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😸 Iaroslav I call bs . Alt+Shift+{/}
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Ssbibbi Bobbiti I am a sovereign citizen; your politics do not impact or interest me.
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🤮 Chalupa Gordito That sounds completely rational, please tell me more.
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Nate Go away officer
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👉 LÊo Good idea! How could it possibly go wrong?
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🤮 Chalupa Gordito On one hand there's Trump - but on the other hand there's Biden. Two very different men.
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🤔 David Look at your emoji status
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🤮 Chalupa Gordito it's a perfectly valid emoji
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