🤮 Chalupa Gordito Hey guys, let's talk politics
👉 Léo Good idea! How could it possibly go wrong?
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🤮 Chalupa Gordito On one hand there's Trump - but on the other hand there's Biden. Two very different men.
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Gorky Park They both have more baggage than my last EX. Not marriage material for sure.
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👉 Léo Honestly, they are also very similar. Two white men in their 70's. Neither has pledged to stop all wars or reduce military funding, neither has a real solution for healthcare (although Biden's proposal is 1000x better)
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🤮 Chalupa Gordito True. I'd reduce military funding by 25% and funding a new megaproject to completed every 4 years. Also free unlimited garlic bread for all americans.
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John Noble Ben Rhodes' "The World as It Is" should be mandatory reading. I've never been so illuminated to the ways of politics. The playing off of interests to get even the smallest thing done. So when people say "they haven't pledged to end all wars" it's like, yeah. Impossible, I'm afraid.
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