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Is that thing where proper nouns become verbs more likely where the noun has a double-o? I find I've now added 'Zooming' as a verb on top of Hoovering and Googling.
It's the family online quiz this evening - it started out as a one-off, and has now become a fortnightly staple. Honestly, I'm enjoying these way more than I thought I would.
These last few days I've felt really drained; work's been a bit intense these last couple of months. Still, at least I (currently still) have a job.
I really enjoy double checking my calculations when the testers say that the scenario's failed, only to discover that I'm getting the right result.
After a long absence, I'm listening to podcasts again. I know I'm late to it, but am finding NPR's White Lies an intriguing listen.
Just back from walking the dog through town; more shops are open, people are out and about and it feels busy, despite there probably being about 10% of the usual Sunday activity.
I wonder whether everything will feel even more busy compared to before when things become normal again.
I just have this suspicion now that I'm really going to resent going back to the office if/when this is all over...
There is absolutely no reason to go back, unless it is to socialise.
yeah working from home is just better because you don't waste time on commute and just sitting to finish a certain arbitrary time limit.
Will you need to go back to the office before an effective vaccine is found?
I'm actually looking forward to do that, mostly to see people. Been a while since I saw bunch of my coworkers.
I've been working from home since 23 March; bought a proper desk, and a 21:9 monitor, and it's been working well
I started working from home the same day too. Using my old desk, and iMac. It works well, so far. Want to invest on a standing desk, though.
Work is getting a little bit busy, and a little bit frenetic.