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Op-amps (and by extension in-amps) are amazing devices. Recently, when debugging an analog circuit, I noticed that the output of a buffer was measuring half Vdd with the input floating. However, when I tried to measure the voltage at the input I could only read zero. The cool part is the output of the op-amp would also swing to ground when I was reading the input. It turns out the generic op-amp has higher input impedance than my multimeter, which pulled down the input.
I really doubt we will have people on the moon by 2024, as is the current plan. And that's if they don't end up canceling the Artemis program due to coronavirus related budget cuts.
Doubt it as well. If canceled it will probably be for political reasons depending on the next election results... Then the mission architecture itself is pretty bloated w/the orbital gateway, sinking further billions (SLS delta-V not able to reach the Moon, just the station in its orbit). And I'm not sure Moon direct missions will be done initially, you have to justify the use of the SLS/gateway. The good part is the international co-op. 2024 is a tight time frame indeed...
Guy is crazy, so I believe him: Elon Musk(2019): "Well, this is gonna sound pretty crazy, but I think we could land on the moon in less than two years. Certainly with an uncrewed vehicle I believe we could land on the moon in two years. So then maybe within a year or two of that we could be sending crew. I would say four years at the outside."..."If it were to take longer to convince NASA and the authorities that we can do it versus just doing it, then we might just do it."
I am very much in favor of UBI and I am confident it will be adopted in the future. My one fear is it will not be implemented with a strong wealth tax system in place. UBI would still work, but would have the unintended consequence of separating even further the capital owners from the renters / consumers. If we don't like how much influence the 1% have in politics today, imagine if they were 1000x wealthier. Under those optics, UBI is a poweful anti-revolution tool.
Agreed, I wonder how do you politically accomplish a wealth tax? at some point, the wealthy would rather pay off a few individuals a lot of money to sabotage it (or even just pay a ton of money in disinformation ads) than for it to ever pass. The poor are not united against the wealth of the 1%. You need a much larger portion of the population supporting making billionaires give up their wealth. everyone thinks they could be a billionaire though :/
This is a question that a colleague asked me a couple years ago, and it just keeps coming back to me. If one becomes informed about the damage that our meat consumption is causing on the planet, does it become immoral for one to consume meat? Say, if you watch a couple documentaries on Netflix and continue consuming meat, does that make you a bad person? I don't really have an answer. I think about it every time I eat a burger.
Once you know you're doing harm, I do think it's your responsibility to try to do less harm. But I don't think it requires an instant 180 change. Doing better is better than doing nothing.
I find it hard to be a vegetarian, but someone pointed out to me that being N% of a vegetarian is about N% as good as being a vegetarian. In other words, if you can forgo meat for even one day or meal, that's better than not.
I still have to be convinced by one of those documentaries. Every time I watch one, I do some fact checking after, and I always find something pointing out that the documentary is not scientifically correct, is opinionated, is using wrong numbers, has an agenda...
The moralistic tone that this debate has taken I think had the positive effect of making a bunch of people vegan/vegetarian very quickly, but the (larger?) negative effect of paralyzing everyone unable to make that leap. I think the right way to look at this is that you now have some new information about the 'true' cost of per unit of meat you eat. It's up to you each time you consume to see if that consumption is worth the cost to you.
I put meat eaters in the same category with smokers, I do enjoy a ciggy every now and then.
I know what the meat industry does. It ain't good, but it's all about making that bottom dollar. I do my best to pick out meat and produce that is organic. Ethically produced pork & beef is beautiful! Fuck chickens, though. Actually being around big livestock farms/auctions and seeing the way they live in pens, eating and shitting on themselves is horrible. Stress does not make good food. Know your meat!
Driving a car, flying on a plane, buying products that are shipped on boats overseas - all of these are destructive to the environment. Should you stop driving a car? Does it make you a bad person if you fly on a plane? Maybe. Alternately, some people see it as a challenge to do better - electric cars, more efficient planes, in this case... 3D printed or Lab grown meat. Maybe, it's not black and white.
Instead of just using eating choice cuts, try eating nose to tail. Also, treat meat like it used to be treated--a luxury. Our ability to get meat any time without having to hunt it has screwed up a lot.
No, we still need those proteins
I don't think it makes you immoral. I just nowadays don't understand *why* anyone eats meat. Once upon a time it made sense - it was tastier, there wasn't much vegetarian food that was any good and we had little/no evidence about the env or health damage. Nowadays? It's *really* easy to be a vegetarian, it's incredibly tasty food *AND* you're doing so, so much good for pretty much everything: environment, your health, animal wellbeing, your weight, etc.
Eating meat isn't immoral. We damage the planet in countless ways, humanity is a burden on the planet. If your goal is planet preservation over all, the only real answer is extinction of humans.
Maybe splitting the big industrial production livestocks into smaller local ones and the promotion/support of it could be part of the solution. Idk. Also, the pesticides/chemicals massively used in agricultural production should be pointed out and it's just as bad. So I'm just trying to eat local as much as possible, meat and vegetables. Not going to stop eating good meat (I don't tell people they are bad based on what they eat). I might test a veggie burger out of curiosity.
Given that some amount of meat is healthier than none, you'd probanly be fine reducing your consumption by an order of magnitude. What I'd argue would be immoral is continuing to eat meat while eschewing genetically modified vat meat when that becomes available. It's hard to say whether or not cutting consumption now will bring that to market any sooner.
It all comes down to consent for me and that there is no humane way to kill a sentient being that does not want to die. The animal's life is their own and who am I to be the oppressor and mandate my wants over their needs?
An all-electric future would be great, but it gives me the feeling that we'd be putting all eggs into one basket. Electric energy is not as easy to store as chemical energy. Example: if there were a major power outage and all the vehicles that we need to use to go and fix the outage are electric, we could be in deep trouble.
you can generate electricity in many ways. Mechanical generators are the safety in a scenario where you can't recharge from a grid. Also, the supply chain will work to reinforce itself over time in the same way that we don't allow ourselves to run out of petroleum.
I've always been pro legalization of drugs. All drugs! It would reduce crime, mass incarceration, and save a ton of money. Also, people should be allowed to do whatever they want to their own bodies. More recently, I have come to realize that legalizing wouldn't solve the largest problem of all: why people get addicted in the first place. It would just make it easier for people that are addicted to obtain more and more drugs, potentially leading them to an earlier OD.
Yeah, I go back 'n' forth on how much the care (or lack thereof) of young minds is at the root of most of society's problems. It isn't valued, as a discipline, yet, but norms seem to change at the human-lifetime scale, so I'm hopeful (today).
I think well educated / informed people should be able to do what they want with their bodies... unless you invest in education and build a good "smart" society, you have to do something to help avoid a cf (have we reached 80k covid daily new cases in USA yet?) - Also, what about the cost on society to fix issues when the bodies get sick?
Some of this is the same as Trump claiming that if we stop testing the COVID cases will go down. There are some Drugs that are NOT safe to produce, sell or use in the open market. There are many drugs that must be prescribed by a doctor because you could overdose and die. You can choose to believe that all recreational drugs are as harmless as weed, but it's not true.
If you are in grad school, take the time to do QUALITY work. Try to go down an extra level of abstraction; learn about every single component of your design or setup; read the docs; look up best practices; track those weird behaviors that only happen seldomly. You have the time, this is your job. Your future self will thank you
As an experiment, I have decided that I will try to post one lesson learned or thought per day. I am interested in the idea of keeping a journal, but I am not willing to fully commit yet. I am hoping this will will be like a lite journal experience, to help me ease into the idea. I will use for "thought of the day".
Go for it! Sounds like a great idea.
love your website! Is the doortje fanclub a real-time stream?
Thanks! I like the idea of livestreaming Doortje on my website, but she deserves some privacy too ;) Do you have a personal website?
His website is awesome! Thanks for pointing it out.
It seems you all have changed the rules for allowable characters in user names. Unfortunately for me, you went in the opposite direction of what I had proposed. I had asked that you consider allowing non-English alphabet characters because many English speakers have non-English names. I had placed a ? on my name as a sort of joke protest: L?o. Now even that is not permissible. I am trying to understand why you would do that and what is your rationale here.
First and last names support Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A and Latin Extended-B from en.wikipedia.org/w...
any chance you guys would consider allowing unicode characters in people's names? It's ok if you require an ASCII version of the name if you're worried about compatibility.. I'll keep a question mark on my name as a sign of protest in the meantime
apparently emojis are allowed but not whatever character you tried to use?
hey, thanks for following me. I just signed up for this thing and am a bit lost. I see you are a statistician, what does that mean in practice?
In practice? It's not what I expected. The companies that wanted a statistician really wanted people who know databases well, and to find information quickly. I'm occasionally using my statistical knowledge to guide A|B testing, to tell whether the info I give means anything... but very few people realize what deep statistical knowledge means.