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Sublevel can now be installed as a native app on iOS 11.3, just Add it to Home Screen from Safari and you're set.
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Edit mode isn't time based or time limited. Instead there are some rules. The updates and replies can be edited if they don't have replies, likes or mentions attached to them. The replies can only be edited before they were viewed in the Activity section.
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Interesting rule set, especially about the viewing.
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Now no matter where you end up on Sublevel, you will see a neatly organized conversation view. As seen on or and many more places.
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Looks good! The list of likes reminds me of tumblr.
The reverse-chronological reply layout is extraordinarily confusing.
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Activity defaults to liked things from your friends like it was on Subcafe. Explore has a global replied feed and text-only threads like on Superthread. And for obvious reasons there's a photos-only tab on Explore now.
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Probably a stupid question but what's the exact difference between the Explore/Current and Explore/Replied feeds? They seem pretty similar...
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Sublevel was restored from October 23, 2017 backup. Superthread is no more, Subcafe will be shut down too. Sorry for the whole mess. All the good stuff from Subcafe is now on Sublevel including the new design and square photos.
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welcome back!
I don't like missing all the content lost since 10/23, but at least things are back to normal. The Superthread name was starting to grow on me.
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Sublevel for iPhone (itunes.apple.com/u...) is back on the App Store. Monochrome browser (itunes.apple.com/u...) is also available on MAS. Monochrome has gained tabs thanks to macOS Sierra.
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It would be great if there was 1Password integration. Using the iOS app now.
Awesome, I never bothered to sign in to sublevel on mobile safari.
Hey! New user here.... is Sublevel app coming back?
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We can finally have proper threads on Sublevel. Hurray! Check them out on or . Jinja2 recursive loops are used to render them. They are a bit slower, but they work and that's what matters.
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Thank you!
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Thanks to the new username line on mobile interface as discovered by on , Sublevel is now a fully functional on smartphones. The interface will remain compact on desktop since there's less available vertical space.
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Search features latest activity on Sublevel by default. It's the timeline everyone wanted, except it only shows unique updates or replies removing duplicates created by the same user. Makes much more sense for to become just a keyword filter on everything that was published.
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sublevel.net will expire on 2020-04-09. Money well spent on domain renewal. Thanks for your donations, was the last one to contribute.
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Glad to hear we're good for a few years! Does that date include server hosting?
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Switched to infinite scrolling on home feed and next/previous pagination suggested by on the rest of the site. Consider this a public A/B test.
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That's nice on the home feed!
Noticed my first annoyance. When I view the home feed and click "More" extra posts load, then if I want to view replies on that post I have to visit its page. At that point, I have broken my back button, because clicking the back button will only load the initial home feed and that is not at all where I left it.
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Would you like infinite scrolling on Sublevel? It will be triggered by clicking on a "next page" link. It will also make each page faster by avoiding the count(*) query.
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If you're moving away from pagination to only next/previous, might I make a suggestion; to display 20 rows, query for 21, and if you get 21, you can show the read more link
For a continuous feed like Sublevel I think it is fine to drop pagination. Separate links add no value anyway since the content of those pages keep changing. As long as it is an enhancement and everything keeps working without JavaScript!
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