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Sublevel for iPhone (itunes.apple.com/u...) is back on the App Store. Monochrome browser (itunes.apple.com/u...) is also available on MAS. Monochrome has gained tabs thanks to macOS Sierra.
It would be great if there was 1Password integration. Using the iOS app now.
Awesome, I never bothered to sign in to sublevel on mobile safari.
Hey! New user here.... is Sublevel app coming back?
We can finally have proper threads on Sublevel. Hurray! Check them out on or . Jinja2 recursive loops are used to render them. They are a bit slower, but they work and that's what matters.
Thanks to the new username line on mobile interface as discovered by on , Sublevel is now a fully functional on smartphones. The interface will remain compact on desktop since there's less available vertical space.
Search features latest activity on Sublevel by default. It's the timeline everyone wanted, except it only shows unique updates or replies removing duplicates created by the same user. Makes much more sense for to become just a keyword filter on everything that was published.
sublevel.net will expire on 2020-04-09. Money well spent on domain renewal. Thanks for your donations, was the last one to contribute.
Glad to hear we're good for a few years! Does that date include server hosting?
Switched to infinite scrolling on home feed and next/previous pagination suggested by on the rest of the site. Consider this a public A/B test.
That's nice on the home feed!
Noticed my first annoyance. When I view the home feed and click "More" extra posts load, then if I want to view replies on that post I have to visit its page. At that point, I have broken my back button, because clicking the back button will only load the initial home feed and that is not at all where I left it.
Would you like infinite scrolling on Sublevel? It will be triggered by clicking on a "next page" link. It will also make each page faster by avoiding the count(*) query.
If you're moving away from pagination to only next/previous, might I make a suggestion; to display 20 rows, query for 21, and if you get 21, you can show the read more link
For a continuous feed like Sublevel I think it is fine to drop pagination. Separate links add no value anyway since the content of those pages keep changing. As long as it is an enhancement and everything keeps working without JavaScript!
This is why Sublevel doesn't use any external services like Amazon S3. Yep, everything here is still up!
I've never understood the reliance on S3 for this very reason.
This should be called an upgrade. Each section on Sublevel has been tweaked to achieve its best performance. It's as fast as with memcache enabled but without memcache. There's a request timer at the bottom of each page. Search is now instant because the index is triggered each time someone posts, so all is happening in real time. Messages received a small improvement too. They appear on top of each profile if you sent any message to that person. Light and Dark themes are bac
Thanks for bringing back the dark theme!
Great set of improvements! Always love reading your release notes. I was a bit surprised to hear memcached; I thought you used redis?
The newest improvements: each post has a likes count near the replies count, a new line showing details about previously hidden replies and 3 new search sorting methods: current, liked, popular. RSS feed URL for has changed too in case you're using it to stay up to date with Sublevel.
Have a nice year everyone!
Added email notifications and dropped support for dark theme. Any ideas on how to improve the text-only email templates are welcomed. Email notifications can be turned off by selecting "App-only" setting your profile options.
The dark theme was easier on the eyes for some people. Why force a bright screen on people who sublevel at night?
What kind of delay are you using? I just logged in, saw a reply to one of my comments, and then I replied. Right after I sent my reply, I got an email saying someone replied to my comment.
Posting on Sublevel is now 15% faster. Multithreading is used to create the mentions and update the counts without affecting the main thread. There's also a super fast alpha API in the works: /current, /liked, /popular and /timeline are the new endpoints.
Improved the speed of home, and streams. Also, a thank you for donation. Sublevel is not .
Introducing messages, notes, donations, dynamic pagination, consistent notifications, better delete control, duplicate prevention of updates, messages and notes and lots of other code improvements. Have a nice weekend!
Thank you for bringing back messages. How do we write notes and make donations? Also, I think the lighter blue looks better.
Messages? Yay~
Out of 16,432 entries on Sublevel only 177 entries are longer than 512 characters and only 276 entries are longer than 480 characters. 9.7% (1,602) of the entries are longer than 256 characters. 27.8% (4,567) of the entries are longer than 140 characters. Cutting back the character limit is on the table.
I like the character limit as it is right now. It's not so long I end up rambling but it's a length I find myself approaching fairly often. Honestly, I'd like to keep it because this feels like actual microblogging; I have space to put an articulate thought in and not just a few cramped, abbreviated words. I haven't seen anyone abusing the character length on Sublevel and just the other day I saw a valid point on Hacker News that the 140 character limit of Twitter contributes
Could you compare those numbers against people who are fairly active Sublevel users? Would not surprise me if those have a higher percentage of long posts than the average user. Simply because users with < 20 posts probably stuck to short questions and messages, while users with > 30 get slightly more micro-blog-y.
Please don't. It's really hard to fit complete thoughts in less than 256 characters.
And the character limit would be?
I vote for leaving the character limit alone. Users may not submit longer entries regularly, but I'm sure most would like to have the option available.