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Hey there! How are you? Sorry for the delay in replying
Not a fan of the lack of profile avatars . I spent a fair amount of time uploading one to sublevel and it's gone.
250ms to upload and you still have it on your hard drive? :) You're right, but avatars were a pain point: upload, convert, store, backup, versioning, 15-45 additional requests per page. Now it's simpler and emojis are fun.
Hello again subcafe. :)
Hey sublevel folks. :)
what happened to your image?
Nothing. It's just my new avatar, white cross on a gray background.
rip chat
Hello again!
Sup folks. Anything new in the sublevel world?
Hey again folks. :3
Hello again sublevel. :)
Hello again folks!
anyone alive tonight?
Yep! About to join some friends for trivia night!
Just woke up, not sure if my status is"alive" just yet.
Yeah, on the train to work right now. Half asleep.
This is the future of microblogging.
Hi, welcome to Sublevel! Lots of people coming from Twitter lately, what's happening over there?
Hello sublevel!
Hi! Welcome, and thanks for helping Sublevel grow!