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You know that Software got too complex if a simple link in an email manages to freeze your phone.
joplin is still really good for the personal wiki. I'd prefer the (endless) UI of TiddlyWiki but Joplin is just much better in everything else!
Joplin looks good for now. I only miss a convenient way to link notes between each other. Maybe there is one and I didn't find it yet?
Next try in the personal wiki quest: Joplin. Can be synced via WebDAV and stores plain Markdown files. I'll keep you posted.
Any suggestions for a self hosted personal wiki that works well with mobile phones and more than one user? Tried tiddlywiki but it seems editing is really bad on mobile.
Not that I've tried it, but have you considered using the Wiki feature of either Github/Gitlab/Gitea, and using a respective app to update the Wiki? Might be worth a shot. :)
Just set up Tiddlywiki with CouchDB sync. Is that still a thing or why is everything I find some it 5 er more years old?
Some months ago I dived into tiddlywiki to try to use it as my Zettelkasten. The landscape is very fragmented. Since tiddlywiki is mature, there's some development, but not much. That's why a lot of plugins are from several years ago.
What's your use case? I recently started using and I'm loving it.
This looks like I will spend hours creating code editor themes now... tmtheme-editor.her...
If you ever create some please share ! I'm always looking for new colors in my editors (:
Hello everyone. How's your week until now?
Good enough so far. Though I hope it will be better once I receive my first mechanical keyboard. I had been eyeing one for years and I finally decided it was about time to make that happen. So I anticipate I'll be drunk on excitement for the next days. And then I'll tell you: yeah, it's pretty awesome!
Not that bad, even if I didn't got that expected raise, but I'm side-working and learning some new thing by the way ! And how was your week so far ?
not bad! getting a bunch of stuff done that i had on my whiteboard. started back up on practicing guitar after being lazy for about a year. also planning on modding my KSC75 headphones to make it bluetooth. :) how bout yours?
Pretty stressful work-wise, otherwise fine. Hard to find time to do things I love.
I took my newsed Mt. Bike (Transition) to the trails and handles amazingly well. Cant wait for the fall season to kick in.
Sitting at the vet in a full waiting room being the only one wearing a mask. What's wrong with yall?
Is this in Berlin? I hope you're distanced from them. I've heard people (somewhat) assume that Europeans are taking this more seriously... :\
It's the same in other parts of Europe. I'm the only one wearing a mask from the moment I leave and come back home.
That's the unfortunate reality we're all experiencing. Where I live, I see bars full of maskless people. It has a flair of a macabre celebration of the end of days.
Dear fellow developers:
awesome write-up. i agree a lot with this philosophy.
about this super useful page:
nice! thanks for sharing
Oh no, suddenly a wild Monday appeared!
I mirrored MDN on my web server but it is not well searchable or anything: Let's hope I'm just paranoid and MDN will survive this madness.
good call haha
Nice initiative but as it is open source we have the git repo at Maybe doing a mirror of this repo would be more helpful ! (:
Hello to this new week from sunny Berlin. I just made coffee and I think the day can now finally start. Yes it is 11am here. I'm really not a morning person.
In my house, morning ends at 2pm. Besides, nothing good ever happens before the evening.
Good morning to you! Now I'm about to make some coffee myself
txti looks neat but it doesn't like what I have to say: (getting an error page)
it looks like a very interesting idea! Basically you can create fast-loading static pages, right?
hey, check out i used to use it as a blog and it was great. EDIT: url here:
Looks like is around the corner!