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I got back into the keyboard optimization rabbit hole. Should I give a try?
Today is one of those days that started promising but then, thanks to a little event, went downhill very fast. I hate those days.
I wrote a little demo to show Intl relative time strings:
Are you into dark short stories? Here's one excellent one from the Chinese author Tang Fei: Broken Stars.
Couldn't stop myself. You can now find my business card with the terminal command `npx koehr` really useful
Sounds like science fiction but transparent wood might be a thing soon:
I'm looking forward to seeing if NileRed is going to try and improve his run. It was actually wayyy better than I expected nearly 3 years ago (but still far away), so I can only imagine the procedures have been ironed out a lot more.
Are you all using ?
I just started. Is there something I don't? Don't know whether you intended to sound so ominous. :-D
I tried it briefly last month, and thought the format was refreshing. However, I reverted to Inoreader as I find it more powerful. I would like to switch to a more minimal RSS reader that does not require a browser addon, however.
I was looking for an RSS reader for a specific blog, and my first reaction was to search on subreply. So I saw your post and I just started using it. However I never used RSS feed before and I don't really what I could use fraidycat for, except for this particular blog.
Looks like my friends and I started a lasertag association. Couldn't stop myself from creating a landing page:
replace `df` now:
So what's up this week?
Nothing much, more of the same tbh. Some work, some classes...How about you?
Got a new sport watch. I will test it during swimming this evening but meanwhile I'm fascinated by the heart rate monitor.
Applying for internal jobs; going to a comedy festival; trying to stay COVID-free...
WFH as usual now. Taking a break from running but playing lots of Tetris and doing some pkgsrc work! (Mac/ARM yay)
Nothing much seriously what's wrong with this guy
While everyone celebrates the 1.6B SsE (Seconds since Epoch), I'm waiting for the 2B on 2033-05-18T03:33:20+0000
talking about time, I just realized in a recent post that subreply printed "130 ms ago" for a comment. That's so cool, here we "trim" things differently
In Berlin, summer came suddenly back. Weather is strange this year.
The current year is particularly strange !
I'm glad! Today was nice and sunny. I hope it stays like this in the coming weeks.
Today is a day where I hate everything. But maybe I just didn't have breakfast yet. really interesting read on the Multics file system and others! What we missed!