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Some misinformation has been spreading online today about FLoC; FLoC is bad but some advice wrt opting out consists of flawed blanket statements. People have been harassing maintainers and webmasters to add an opt-out header when doing so isn't always necessary. Addressed the misinfo here:
New blog post: about alternative search engines that use their own indexes (instead of proxying Google/Bing/Yandex):
Saved that one... Very interesting, thanks!
Second post in the series about communication platforms is called "Keeping platforms open":
Published two related posts about chat apps, open platforms, and the free software movement. The first one is "Whatsapp and the domestication of users":
Published a new blog post: Becomming physically immune to brute-force attacks: What if a brute-force attack was limited only by available mass-energy in the universe?