👽 Lucian Marin Can't wait for iPhone 6c (digitimes.com/news...). The 4-inch screen will remain as an option for iPhones in the future. I really won't mind a plastic phone with good LTE/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal and some insane colors like neon orange and black.
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John Olinda The 5c was one of my favorites (along with the black 5) as far as looks. I'll be very curious to see how people respond now that the "Big phones are OK now that Tim and Jony said so" paradigm shift is over. Really hoping the Touch gets one more update though. Then I can ditch my iPhone 4.
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Dongsung Kim Although I do love my 4-inch iPod touch thanks to my rather small palm, sometimes I feel of the screen a bit too small. But making it bigger will be a disaster for the thumb... It's kind of dillema I guess. Not to mention another resolution to take care of as a dev!
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Adam Douglas Well, that's just typical. // Sent from my iPhone 5.
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Eric Be careful getting orange colours, with my old phone I found that girls tended to see it as pink while others said it was orange. Funny but annoying. "Why do you have a pink phone, Eric?" was a question which got tiresome.
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👽 Lucian Marin You're right. The color option for iPhone 5c is listed as "pink" on Apple's website. A complete black iPhone will be awesome.
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