👽 Lucian Marin Replaced Fira Sans (311 KB) with Route 159 (55 KB). Even if it's not the perfect typeface, I'll keep looking for lightweight replacements.
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Mikael If care about weight, have you considered font-family:sans-serif? It's even lighter at 0 KB. ;)
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🦇 Arr Doesn't that cause concrete pixel width to fluctuate based on the auto-selected font? Could thereby cause hard to spot layout errors.
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Rsm I wasn't familiar with this font. Looks interesting. What did the creator mean by this sentence: "It is designed to take wide countertops inside letters, including lowercase b, d, p, q, making it even harder to collapse even in small size"? Wide countertops?
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👽 Lucian Marin I think he meant that those letters are readable at small font sizes too compared with a regular sans font.
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🎄 Ada I know that wrt fonts, counters are the holes inside the letters. maybe countertops refers to a the flat width of the counter, keeping those wider would, I imagine make it easier to read the letters in a smaller font.
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👨‍💻 Matthieu V. Could it be possible to have some dark theme with the Android app ? Or a theme toggle somewhere ? Thank you very much for having developped Su reply (:
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🧐 Nrmn Are you talking about subreply? If so, you could simply go to the webapp and "add to home screen". App like experience with dark theme!
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👽 Lucian Marin I submitted an update to the Play Store: play.google.com/st... (1.0.3). Dark mode will work on Android 10 and up.
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🗨️ Keb looks good on my Windows machine!
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👽 Lucian Marin Yes, it's similar to Segoe UI.
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