🧙 Lucian Marin People won't use autonomous cars because they're simply robots on wheels. People like robots, but they usually reject them in the end. Autonomous public transport is a better idea that might gain traction and reduce traffic in big cities.
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😀 Tom I'm not against it, but this is one technology where I will not be an early adopter.
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Mark Dain I see this through the same light as I see Soylent; it's a fuel replacement only. I'd probably use self-driving cars for getting to work but when I learn to drive, I think I'd like going places by myself, on the weekends. Edit: For the record, I catch the train to work so in many ways my journey is already autonomous. I'd want to keep that aspect, but not have to deal with annoying people on public transit
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Seth Kontny Have you used soylent? I've wanted to demo, sample one sometime. Maybe I need to reach out to company. As for autonomous design --> = <--
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John Olinda Unfortunately I have a feeling that unions will keep human drivers in public transit a while longer than would be beneficial.
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Martijn Taxi unions have not had a lot of success halting progress in the form of Uber and Lyft. I am not sure unions will be able to stop AI progress either.
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Martijn I would use an autonomous car the day I am allowed to use it. I despise driving myself and public transport is full with other people.
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