Sergiusz I was breaking up with Facebook from time to time, but almost always the one thing I was coming back to, was the events section
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🚴 Aditya If I may, are there any specific types of groups or events you follow that only list on Facebook?
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Sergiusz Unfortunately it is most of the events in the town I am living in right now. Another way is to walk from club to pub and look at the posters .-.
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🥨 Shruthi seems like the new design recognizes this, emphasizing groups and events over newsfeeds. if those features are useful to you, then why quit at all? maybe download the newsfeed blocker if you find yourself accidentally 'doomscrolling' after logging on to check events
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Burensasub A newsfeed blocker for FB is VERY useful. Someone know if it can be used on iOS?
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Sergiusz Newsfeed blocker is always my first plugin in a newly configured browser
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🐵 Max I did not know about that. Do you have a recommendation for Firefox?
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🎲 James York I've used the blocker for a number of years now. Do not miss the newsfeed at all.
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