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Beau Cronin Registered a couple names through - though there's a chance I'm just going to pick up another domain name addiction.
Paul Webb If you're interested in keeping track of them, will become free soon.
Kodo I love how it says "windows: coming soon, macos: coming soon, linux: coming soon"
Beau Cronin There's something really interesting about making distributed, trustless capabilities as easy to use as centralized ones.
🏒 Lucian Marin Indeed. I started working on a distributed social network. Making calls between different nodes and not trusting them will be something.
Beau Cronin The fight for the soul of VR increasingly seems like an existential one for society. Most of the VR creators and technologists I know view these technologies as an opportunity to improve human connection, rather than a vehicle for escape from the consequences of the real world. But if that changes, the consequences could be grave.
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Beau Cronin Is this the next great social network?
🤔 John Eventually!
😀 Tom Hopefully :-)