Beau Cronin Registered a couple names through - though there's a chance I'm just going to pick up another domain name addiction.
👽 Paul Webb If you're interested in keeping track of them, will become free soon.
Kodo I love how it says "windows: coming soon, macos: coming soon, linux: coming soon"
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Beau Cronin There's something really interesting about making distributed, trustless capabilities as easy to use as centralized ones.
🦿 Lucian Marin Indeed. I started working on a distributed social network. Making calls between different nodes and not trusting them will be something.
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Beau Cronin The fight for the soul of VR increasingly seems like an existential one for society. Most of the VR creators and technologists I know view these technologies as an opportunity to improve human connection, rather than a vehicle for escape from the consequences of the real world. But if that changes, the consequences could be grave.
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Beau Cronin Is this the next great social network?
🤔 John Eventually!
😀 Tom Hopefully :-)
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