Adam Douglas There are too many ephemeral/stream-of-consciousness/Twitter-clone communities emerging. I don't know how to spread my random thoughts between the old ones and the new ones at all. I'd just pick one and stick with it but IRC NEEDS ME.
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🏒 Lucian Marin You can use your Sublevel profile RSS feed to automatically post on other networks.
8y, 11w 2 replies
John Olinda Do you recommend a particular tool for this or would IFTTT suffice? Also, would it post replies or likes? Would want to filter those out.
8y, 10w 1 reply
Mark Dain Maybe an app that lets you write to all of them at once?
8y, 11w 1 reply
Eric The very thought is nightmare fuel. So many different ever changing APIs to handle & hack. A lot of redbull would be required.
8y, 11w reply
Eric Is this place one of them?
8y, 11w reply