🚴 Aditya Continuing on from 's thread: I started Mr. Robot back when it first came out. I *adored* the pilot, but didn't enjoy the rest of Season 1 as much. I never latched on to Season 2. Should I give it another shot?
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😏 Yt L. I didn't enjoy season 2 as much when watching for the first time, but felt that it and season 1 were better when rewatching. I loved the show though.
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🚴 Aditya This and other comments are officially convincing me to give the show a second chance.
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👨🏻‍💻 Moroni I didn't like Season 2 that much either. But after you past half of that season, it picks up again.
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🚴 Aditya Ooh. I'll try again then.
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🐵 Max I dropped during season 2, it was becoming too messy for me.
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🚴 Aditya Ahh I had the same feeling with S2. :(
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