Tga The way Sublevel is minimal and fast is inspiring. 785B JavaScript, no crazy frameworks, no BS. GJ ! (some better typography would be nice though)
🤔 John Typography looks to me as nice as anything on Windows/Chrome.
6y, 39w 6 replies
Tga I was thinking of more spacing in key places, now it's all kinda mashed together. Possibly a nicer font face too.
6y, 39w 5 replies
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Martijn What font face would you expect? It mostly defaults to whatever the smoothest system sans-serif is on your machine with the current CSS.
6y, 39w 4 replies
Tga Personally I'd go with a single (web) font for a consistent look, otherwise it probably doesn't matter that much as long as it's readable.
6y, 39w 3 replies