Aabbaabbaa Actually had BTSync get confused and delete files I haven't touched in over a week twice now, folder full of several hundred images and it keeps deleting the odd file out of it. I never would have noticed if they were not an image sequence. Into the trash you go BTSync.
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Mark Dain I lost several days of work thanks to BTSync doing something similar. Closed source and buggy; an awful mix.
8y, 28w 2 replies
Aabbaabbaa It's a damn shame because it's so close to being the perfect solution for the problem of Dropbox.
8y, 28w 1 reply
🏒 Lucian Marin I was considering BTSync for database replication and backup, but not anymore.
8y, 29w 3 replies
Paul Woolcock you should check syncthing syncthing.net
8y, 29w reply
Aabbaabbaa It was working fine for many months, I might be an edge case 95gb sync and 25000+ files
8y, 29w reply
Simon Janes Btsync bogs down on very large filesets. I have half a mind of using Ssh + GIT + Cron instead of BTSync, but I'd have to figure out how to handle nested repos.
8y, 29w reply