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Sorry but what is the reasoning behind forbidding me to write the same thing twice? I just learned, that I replied with "nice!" 25 weeks ago already. So now I have to make a list of compliments to use?
You can't post the same thing twice?
I'll improve this. Your last post shouldn't be the same, the replies in a thread shouldn't be the same, etc. They are meant to prevent spam.
I really can't stress enough how much valuable information this article contains!
I can't recommend enough to read all of his articles and to follow him on Twitter, he explains very well all the things he do/tinker/debug !
Anyone here on the ?
It's going to happen. I just registered the remote roast club! Stay tuned.
Did you find a solution for runtime type checks in your node project?
Hey! Thanks for following up. I ended up going with for it's tiny size and minimalism. it was also pretty easy to wrap a "validator" function around its methods
Finally dark mode in Github! About damn time!
Finally, I can retire my custom Sylus CSS sockets in your shell! So useful! is now server-side rendered thanks to svelte-kit and my naive trust in highly experimental software.
Curious; how large is the node_modules folder for a svelte-kit project? It looks awesome, but I've become more and more mindful of my harddrive space.
Subreply fits the description.
Waiting for (hey, hey) is also worth checking out.
I'm going to give Penrose a try. That's a Window Manager library written in Rust. You basically create your "config" by writing a rust program using that library. Looking forward to give it a spin. these comics are great!
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