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replace `df` now:
So what's up this week?
Nothing much, more of the same tbh. Some work, some classes...How about you?
Got a new sport watch. I will test it during swimming this evening but meanwhile I'm fascinated by the heart rate monitor.
Applying for internal jobs; going to a comedy festival; trying to stay COVID-free... seriously what's wrong with this guy
While everyone celebrates the 1.6B SsE (Seconds since Epoch), I'm waiting for the 2B on 2033-05-18T03:33:20+0000
talking about time, I just realized in a recent post that subreply printed "130 ms ago" for a comment. That's so cool, here we "trim" things differently
In Berlin, summer came suddenly back. Weather is strange this year.
The current year is particularly strange !
I'm glad! Today was nice and sunny. I hope it stays like this in the coming weeks.
Today is a day where I hate everything. But maybe I just didn't have breakfast yet. really interesting read on the Multics file system and others! What we missed!
Short functions are a code smell. I had that opinion for longer but now there's scientific evidence for it: softwarebyscience.... (I'm looking at you, Ruby programmers!)
For anyone interested: Together with a friend I'm hosting the Vuejs Berlin (currently online) and the next meetup is tomorrow (Tuesday, 8th of Sept.) at 7pm CET . You can join us via our Youtube channel:
Hello and welcome to this beautiful new week, full of chances and possibilities! How do you all feel on this Monday?
I had a pretty terrible morning that ended with a nap. Things were much better afterwards :)
Trapped my hand in the door on Saturday and today I decided I wanted full range of motion more than I wanted to avoid pain. So for the entire day I've just been flexing my hand every which way to give everything a good stretch. Might be a terrible idea in the scheme of things but I can already pick up stuff and press enter with my pinky again (I thought i broke the pinky knuckle), so I'm calling this one a win
I feel rested but my 4-day weekend is coming to a close all too soon
It's Monday today! (Yesterday we had a holiday in Brazil). I like Tuesdays, so I'm feeling good this Monday. ;) please watch this.
Sitting here with good coffee, a delicious cake and reasonably good wifi. And someone really asks me how I am. Is this even a question?!
That's the internaut's description of heaven: tasty food and drink, good access and time to mindlessly burn away on whatever please you. So, how wonderful are you really? ;)
+1 I've gotten into the habit of having evening coffee (sue me). That + a nice piece of coffee cake, doing a little bit of liesurely coding by my desk plant, Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" playing... what more can one ask for?
Great! So mass surveillance is still illegal in the US. So what does this ruling change? (had to use a link shortener because apparently a link can't be longer than 120 characters here)
How to force dark mode in Firefox and Chrome directly (because there's no switch in Linux without Desktop Environment):
This is definitely something to bookmark ! I don't know why dark mode on Linux desktop is not "unified"..
are you using twtxt now?
Not yet actually. I still need to host my file... Will get to that soon :)
Are there any twtxt users here? (
It's on my list of things to try, but haven't had the chance yet. What do you think about it so far?
I cannot get it to work, getting a '''latin-1' codec can't encode character" error when I call twtxt.