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I really can't stress enough how much valuable information this article contains!
I can't recommend enough to read all of his articles and to follow him on Twitter, he explains very well all the things he do/tinker/debug !
Anyone here on the ?
It's going to happen. I just registered the remote roast club! Stay tuned.
Did you find a solution for runtime type checks in your node project?
Hey! Thanks for following up. I ended up going with for it's tiny size and minimalism. it was also pretty easy to wrap a "validator" function around its methods
Finally dark mode in Github! About damn time!
Finally, I can retire my custom Sylus CSS sockets in your shell! So useful! is now server-side rendered thanks to svelte-kit and my naive trust in highly experimental software.
Curious; how large is the node_modules folder for a svelte-kit project? It looks awesome, but I've become more and more mindful of my harddrive space.
Subreply fits the description.
Waiting for (hey, hey) is also worth checking out.
I'm going to give Penrose a try. That's a Window Manager library written in Rust. You basically create your "config" by writing a rust program using that library. Looking forward to give it a spin. these comics are great!
For all yo emoji fans:
I looked into Zig today but even the HelloWorld changes in each version because they can't decide on the naming. Sorry, I have to wait for the 1.0 then.
Zig tries to be an alternative to C which is daunting, to say the least. I want to experiment with Zig to sharpen low level skills.
I'd like to get into systems programming, but all the options seem so daunting to a JavaScript user such as myself. :(
In case you are like me using Google or DuckDuckGo for freeform calculations (5 ly in pc, 150 USD in JPY) you might want to give the incredible `qalc` a try: . I use it with rofi-calc.
Yesterday I stumbled over a typing competition in the US from 2010. The winner managed to type 163 words per minute on average! I'd be happy about half of that.
100-120 wpm is fairly "easily" achievable before the return on investment from practicing drops precipitously. I say this as a Typeracer stan.
holy shit, i can sometimes hit something in the 90s if it's a good day
Wow thats a lot. I only manage 70 wpm.
Does anyone has any experience with the Moonlander Keyboard? I'm coming from an Ergodox (although not an EZ) and wonder if it would be worth the investment...