Martijn Looking for a simple graphical SVG editor for Mac OS X. Tips welcome. I would rather not install XQuartz to run Inkscape.
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Haaktu Using an old OSX version? You don't need XQuartz for the new ones.
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Mark Dain Older versions of OS X came with, which Apple removed in newer builds, so it was still running on top of X11 :(
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🏒 Lucian Marin Why not write SVG by hand if you want to keep things simple? Sublevel logo is written by me.
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Martijn That's fine for simple geometrical shapes, and I have done so. Not much fun when you need to follow specific curves of pre-existing designs though.
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Mark Dain It depends what you need specifically? For a generic vector editor, I can only recommend Inkscape or Illustrator. If you want to do design / UI or mockup work, I love for this, it's far superior to using a generic tool as it's really built for this
Martijn I am using brand icons from but am missing a few. So I thought I would tweak some existing SVG into shape to match with those.
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Asko P. Sketch reminds me of those awkward times when a client gives me sketch files and I have to tell them that I use Windows.