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Mark Dain Beautiful, perhaps but I'm not remotely productive in Elementary. If we're recommending distros, I'd say Ubuntu for beginners and Debian for those comfortable with Linux. Although I think already has a distro and isn't looking for one so I have to wonder why you bring it up?
Asko P. Oh, thought that'd be a good place to promote the only distro I like, and would use. Didn't know he already was had one.
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Mark Dain Fair enough. What are you going to do when you move to Linux?
Asko P. Elementary OS is beautiful
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Martijn expect to be working and thus home the whole summer. If you want to meet up when you hit the Netherlands, let me know!
Asko P. We'll be in Amsterdam for probably 2 days or so. If you happen to be around there then for sure!
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Asko P. Going on an Eurotrip starting July 12. Estonia > Latvia > Lithuania > Poland > Germany > The Netherlands > Belgium > France > Spain > Italy. All by hitchhiking and/or cheap trains. Going to be awesome!
Martijn expect to be working and thus home the whole summer. If you want to meet up when you hit the Netherlands, let me know!
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Martijn But what if my clients use ancient browsers and do not support SNI!? </sarcasm>
Asko P. Give them this link: caniuse.com/#feat=sni or charge $$ for upgrading their browser. </not sarcasm> </real talk>
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Asko P. To quote Borat; "Great success!" - blog.webspot.xyz/a...
Martijn But what if my clients use ancient browsers and do not support SNI!? </sarcasm>
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Asko P. Just leaving this here to all those who love Donald Trump - theoatmeal.com/com...
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Tchite I like the analogy made in the cartoon: Trump being the fire that burns down the forest. Apt that. Fire is to a forest as Trump is to our American oligopoly. Sanders could have played that role too but he was crushed by the Clinton machine.
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Asko P. Apple changed OS X into macOS? Not only that, but it names the first macOS after a cheap and awfully crap Ford car?
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Mark Dain Ok this is bullshit. Apple seems to have pulled the ability to install any program on your Mac. Now only App Store and Identified Developers are allowed: macrumors.com/2016...
Asko P. Soon: OS X is the new Linux. Nobody makes apps for Linux. (obviously the Nobody is an overstatement, but I hope you get my point).
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Martijn Going to leave this one link here, as MetaFilter is one of the least poisonous places on the internet and the comments will not make you sick. metafilter.com/160...
Asko P. Another reason to never visit U.S if you even remotely care about your well-being.
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Mark Dain I host my DNS with Linode (free with any server). For you, gandi.net 's DNS host isn't bad but I found it a little annoying to work with, but only as they have this versioning feature and I make frequent edits to DNS.
Asko P. Yea that is the only pain point for gandi for me, too, but I intend to use gandi's api to make domain registrations possible on webspot as well
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Martijn Both of those seem to require I switch my domain to them if I want to use their nameservers? Hmm...
Asko P. Well yes, they are registrars after all. As for just DNS, I unfortunately do not know :/
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Martijn My domain is coming up for renewal and I want to move to a better DNS provider. Any tips? I am currently paying them to provide DNS/nameservers but they still aren't IPv6 ready. ip6.nl/#!licit.li
Asko P. I recommend iwantmyname.com or gandi.net.
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Martijn Hard to "show" it, as such. First there are separate gender and sexual identities. You can also have a different *-sexual from *-romantic (eg. biromantic heterosexual). Discussions about differences between bi-, omni-, and pan-, prefixes. Discussions about what is and is not a gender. Cis- prefix. Pronouns. Not to mention people who describe themselves having several as each. I don't mind if you want to do that. It does not affect me in any way. I am just questioning if it is helpful for anyone, including those who do it.
Asko P. My country is still just getting use to the fact that there are homosexuals out there. So, yeah, my opinion is if you want to be taken equally, don't go out there promoting your differences to everyone. If they ask, tell, but otherwise why?
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Asko P. forgot to say where to shoot your email, you can ping me at im@barelysober.xyz
Mark Dain Thanks, I just sent you an email. I was about to send it to support@webspot.xyz
Eric Brilliant domain, jealous.
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Mark Dain Wow! Thank you so much that's really nice of you!! :D
Asko P. Shoot me an email where I can send you a not-so-secret sign up link.
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