🐞 Lucian Marin Should I send an email to the last active people announcing Subreply?
Haaktu Thanks for the email! And subreply!
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😀 Tom The 27" 1920x1920 Eizo FlexScreen I bought arrived a day early. The rest of my computer should arrive tomorrow. The monitor is comically huge. It seems towering just sitting in front of it. I'm almost afraid that I won't be able to get used to it. I probably will, and it should be easier once it's hooked up to a working computer. I'm almost tempted to get two regular widescreens to flank it on either side (or God-forbid, two more of the same 1920x1920 screens, though that might be too expensive), just to make it seem less imposing. I'm looking forward to writing a review for this on Amazon.
Haaktu Oh my. And here I am trying to get a 13" MBP since I find my 15" too big! Still, I hope you enjoy that monstrosity! :D
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Mark Dain Today I'm writing documentation on Linux for my coworkers as we're finally moving off Windows Server. Our platform has no more Windows specific components due to some recent work so it's onwards with switching. Need to setup some training sessions later this week for getting people used to Debian (command line). Any tips? Has anyone taught Linux before?
Haaktu Tip: make the training goal driven. Then break things down from there. Classic Unix/Linux training starts with `pwd`, `'ls`, `mkdir`, etc, explaining each command in full. When I do one-on-ones I always start with: what do we want to do? 1) Login 2) man man 3) do what we want to do 3.x) explain what's needed. Let them ask/discover the rest.
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🐞 Lucian Marin Happy birthday, ! At the same time it's a bad day because I left my daily job.
Haaktu Congratulations! And congratulations!
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😀 Tom Contacts, calls, text messages, location, basically anything that isn't storage.
Haaktu Ouch. Planned app is a PIM. Contacts, at the very least. But all working local and offline. No E.T.-phone-home kind of thing.
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😀 Tom I can beta test, depending on what the app is and its permissions.
Haaktu Yay! Thank you. What permissions would repel you from using an app?
Mark Dain Aww PHP isn't so bad ... *hides ZCE certificate* -- sadly I can't test as I don't have an Android device, but I wish you the best in making it
Haaktu Thank you! And yes, PHP isn't so bad. It's just me. :)
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Haaktu I have to extend another 15 days in my current work. Can't wait to get out of PHP. And SQL (Oracle). After that, some days off, then back to Java. And Kotlin! PS: I'll be creating an app on Android. I'll ask for some beta testers here in sublevel. Can I get an A-men?!
😀 Tom I can beta test, depending on what the app is and its permissions.
Mark Dain Aww PHP isn't so bad ... *hides ZCE certificate* -- sadly I can't test as I don't have an Android device, but I wish you the best in making it
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😀 Tom Serious. I just mentioned HN because it's a place where a lot of smart people post. Otherwise I would have to hunt for the occasionaly-strewed-about advice on random blogs, etc. Why not? And if you were to look for advice, where would you go? (MetaFilter also pops into mind, I should really create an account there.)
Haaktu MetaFilter: yes! Depending on what I'd want mentoring on, I'd look for great writers/bloggers tackling my area of interest. Takes some work but it has worked for me quite well. Begs the question: what's the area of interest that you want mentoring on?
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😀 Tom How so?
Haaktu I didn't know if you were serious or being sarcastic. Either way HN would not be the first place I would visit for mentor related advice.
😀 Tom I think I need a mentor. Step One: read through the hundred or so threads on HN about mentors/mentoring that will probably say why I don't need a mentor.
Haaktu After reading 's reply, I was able to identify why my spider senses tingled after reading this yesterday. :D
Nkrs I was pleasantly surprised when I took my grandfather's watch to the watchmaker to get it fixed and cleaned. Apparently, they scribble their initials and date on the inner side of the back of the watch; when he opened it to examine it, he said "my dad first opened this watch in 1977 and I was the last to open it in 2001".
Haaktu W.O.W.
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😀 Tom Something I've seen in movies and TV shows, but not in novels: characters too timid to speak up.
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Martijn Adjusting to life without a job again. Keeping crazy hours and rediscovering what I like about the internet. Hello Sublevel! Missed me?
Haaktu Hej, Martijn! Welcome back!
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Nkrs An elderly woman gets on the crowded bus and starts yelling that everyone is rude and that nobody knows "the order of things" any more. She is then given a seat. Upon leaving the bus, the said woman tosses the crumpled up ticket on the ground instead of the garbage been. If order was once known, and now isn't, she was apparently the first person to forget.
Haaktu In the Philippines, we have this equivalent turn of phrase: banal na aso, santong kabayo. Transliterated: holy dog, saintly horse.
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🐞 Lucian Marin I will definitely use Redis for my next project. I don't want to touch a database any longer. Sublevel will remain my only SQL oriented project. I will rather build complex structures and change them using procedures than figuring out that's the best path to access data using SQL. You can find a great introduction to Redis at matt.sh/what-is-redis written by Matt Stancliff.
Haaktu I'm wondering what lead to this decision. I'm partial to non-SQL (or is it noSQL) solutions for my personal projects.
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