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I have to extend another 15 days in my current work. Can't wait to get out of PHP. And SQL (Oracle). After that, some days off, then back to Java. And Kotlin! PS: I'll be creating an app on Android. I'll ask for some beta testers here in sublevel. Can I get an A-men?!
I can beta test, depending on what the app is and its permissions.
Aww PHP isn't so bad ... *hides ZCE certificate* -- sadly I can't test as I don't have an Android device, but I wish you the best in making it
I find Kid Rock really enjoyable to listen to.
After assembling a decent daily playlist of triples played in a loop for cutting code, I'm now settling entirely on the original motion picture score of American Beauty.
Listening to music on repeat while cutting code is not a new idea. But it is just now that I'll try to use it. Anybody doing this or has experience? What tracks do you listen to?
Back in high school in my programming class, our teacher would play Enya. I don't remember it being a distraction or anything.
I do this a lot. What I listen to depends on the mood but I've found that it helps me focus on the task at hand. For studying it's often some ambient stuff (for example, any album by God Is an Astronaut or Austin Wintory's Journey OST), but for coding and other activities it can be anything from jazz to heavy metal.
Happy that the author of HypergraphDB made time to write a paper ( hypergraphdb.org/d... ) on the DB's theory and implementation.
Tried out mastodon.social. I find Sublevel's UI way better.
Hello, sublevel! Have an OMGWTFBBQ day, ya'll! :D
"ya'll"? As a Texan, I welcome you if you should ever decide to move.
Sometimes I wish I stuck to the never-get-married plan (wsj.com/articles/i...).
First time holding the new Macbook yesterday. Don't mind the shiny. Get a 13" Pro.
I used to be a fan of Apple, until I realized they become the company they said they wouldn't be. Although they seem to have gained some respect back lately, they still have a ways to go. This (youtube.com/watch?...) and other reasons.
Working towards a dream begs for greater effort of living while awake.
The idea is to push ourselves to the limits of our brain or body. Otherwise we live with regrets. That's much worse than putting up some effort.
Any unschoolers in the house?
Not me, but when I have children I will definitely do my research into alternative learning/teaching environments. I went to public school growing up and attened a private high school. While the private school was not too much better education-wise, it was a lot better in terms of my peers and administration which is probably what saved me growing up.
I liked school too much as was. Although I have grown to despise standardised testing.
(coming from a) Family of educators leads me to believe given the opportunity I would un/homeschool till around highschool. Providing plenty of social/peer learning I would imagine needs be a large element to prevent a wicked case of the awkward's.
And a few days after completely interning my shopping list () I rediscovered ArangoDB (arangodb.com). I think it is awesome. Let's dance!
Shopping list done. Imported the following into my repo: Spark (sparkjava.com), HypergraphDB (hypergraphdb.org) and MapDB (mapdb.org). Let's worry about caching later. I'm taking to you, Caffeine (github.com/ben-man...).
Vacation's over. Back to reality.
This is too funny! github.com/azer/le...