News junky extraordinary.
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My last post on this network was almost 3 years ago? Interesting! Seeing lots has changed. One thing that seems to have changed is that my family name is now unsupported by the system, joy!
Would a vampire actually need to suck blood or will a human heart pump most of the blood into their mouths once the carotid artery is punctured?
YouTube removed the OPML subscriptions export. Guess I should finally write to code to sync up my subscriptions with my RSS reader.
What. I *just* started using that feature.
Nice one, Canada!
Why I love data science, you ask? Because it can show biases in the most interesting things.
And then Palabre marked over 500 RSS items as read and my reading backlog for the week was gone. Can't recommend that app at all.
Unfortunately I've ended up back at Press for reading RSS on my Google Pixel. Even though it's not maintained anymore, it's still better than almost anything else out there. I've noticed a bug where it consistently leaves the first article unread though, which is annoying.
I have been trying out EurKEY as my keyboard. Some good things, some bad things... eurkey.steffen.bru...
Wondering if I could host a play-by-post RPG on , or if the character limit would hamper us.
Would the players reply to the DM for each turn, or would it be one single, ongoing thread? My gut reaction is that IRC would be easier.
This would be even better if they had thrown one weird emoji in the middle of it like .
Started following an escort service here in Sublevel to see if they can keep up their regular posting.
Sure... That's why you're following them :-)
This comment though ...
Hahaha well I'm glad they're preserving backwards compatibility! You can't really fix a bug in mt_rand as it's not truly random so there's a chance someone will depend on the output - of a function called rand - being predictable, amazingly. sigh. Just use random_int on 7+ and paragonie/random_compat on 5.x if you want quality random numbers (you probably want that)
My HTML is so obscure, it doesn't even validate.
You're an HTML hipster.
I use <metadata> in an SVG render today, felt pretty risque
This speaks to the statistician in me: livefreeordichotom...
Could we please get more accurate timestamps on again? Was going back through some old stuff and it is now impossible to know how much time passed between and
What if you hover on the relative time stamp of "Today" - does it show? Also, does Sublevel use <time>? I can't check as I'm on my phone :/ yes +1 for accurate time stamps though - maybe some way of showing them quickly like tapping on the time stamp to switch it to ISO 8601
When I take ice cubes from the tray I make sure overall rotational symmetry is kept in regard to what cubes I take out. I may have a problem.
I've those kind of problems as well sometimes :) That makes me think about something in physics but I'm not sure to remember it correctly. Take your smartphone for example (preferentially over a bed). If you rotate it around the axis through the center of mass (basically it's the center of the screen) and parallel to the longest edge of handset, it will rotate stable. Do the same with the axis of rotation parallel to the shortest edge, same thing, rotation stable. But if you