Python developer and all things design. ~ 34 years old
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I'm designing with Figma lately. It's crazy how a simple idea executed well can change how people think about design.
Subreply is here. The hard part starts now, a code rewrite and a design refresh.
testing quotes again, sorry to bother "'
I found a way to use Django only for its ORM and migrations, everything else can be handled with much better tools like Falcon and Jinja2. You can test the result at (needs more work).
I repeatedly failed to register with the error "Username present from this IP address"
Firefox 70 beta finally works properly on macOS. It's my default browser from now on. It was my go to browser for web development.
By popular request, I set up
Wow, thanks! It's just enough for when I unconsciously ctrl-new tab in search of something interesting without getting too distracted.
I want to bring back Superthread as Dubfi. I wonder if I should rewrite it or just leave it like it was last year.
Sunset flame straight from camera, no filter.
PS: I love the edit functionality. Finally. PPS: Check followers to see who recently joined the network. You can't edit after mentioning someone.
Nice to see the edit come back ! I see you have removed Messages again, not enough used I guess...
Can we enjoy some beautiful photos on Steptalks? We can talk about photography.
Can someone kill rotative doors? I just got hurt by one. My hand hurts, but it could have been my face.
I got a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar at work. I configured Touch Bar to display only permanent keys: play/pause, input sources, brightness, keyboard backlight, volume controls, lock, search, notification center, in this order. It works a little better than 2013 MacBook Pro I use at home.
Did you see they discontinued the 12 inches MacBook? Not many people will miss it probably... They also pushed the touch bar on all models now, so no more hardware function keys. Not sure if it's a good thing. I'm still reluctant to by a current gen. Too much problems. Or I should find a 2015 retina model somewhere. For now I run MX-Linux on an old Toshiba Centrino laptop. Speaking of touch bar, found this: It displays your dock on the touch bar... May be in
I'm hosting a poll on but you can answer here too. I like the idea of Steptalks as a play on small talks and describes the idea behind the social network very well too.
I still prefer Subcafe, the "cafe" part fits well with chilling around on the site :) But Steptalks sounds nice, better than Subtalks for that matter, I think...
I feel like Steptalks is a harder to market name. I think it's a little weird, or something geared towards the elderly.
I got for a brand new social network. Crazy if don't try again, crazy if I do. But you heard about it here first. and were taken. Dub-Fi joins Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi and stands for Dub Fidelity.
I think dubfi is a great name, much better for a social network than subfi or pubfi. Good luck!
What's the theme? Music? Foreign language movies with audio dubs? is so badly named. Work humans? Work slaves?
Using SQLite on is faster than using JSON, 43ms vs 56ms for the same request. Hmm... I have to make the switch someday.
I'm in love with SQLite, and I'm surprised so many django devs say it doesn't scale. At some point I'd like to look at the django ORM and understand why.
One week with NoScript in Firefox and now I can't live without NoScript. I even installed JS Blocker in Safari, but it's hard to use. In NoScript if I trust a domain and that's it, everything works.