🏒 Lucian Marin How does a social network for black and white photography sound? Will you use it? Will you pay for it?
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😀 Tom While I'm not interested in it, I believe that if you can take the simplicity and styling of Sublevel to a market with more interest, you will be successful.
7y, 28w reply
Mark Dain So... Ello without color? :D Is this something you're building? If so I have complete faith it'll be a pleasure to use, but it might not get enough users to be worth it
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🏒 Lucian Marin JPEG files saved in grayscale mode (yes, JPEG has a luminance mode that is different from RGB mode) are 1.5 times smaller than in full color. This allows to provide higher resolution images in the same bandwidth. The economics are the problem. You can't store unlimited images for free. Big corporations have their own data centers, so they can afford it. I really think people will use it if it's absolutely free. But once you ask people to pay for storing their pictures things change.
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Eric Good, probably not, definitely not.
7y, 29w reply