👽 Lucian Marin When will corporations and governments understand that due the internet, Earth has become one big country now? Globalization is not a distant point of interest in the future. It's a fact today.
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Adam Douglas Sometimes I'm utterly bewildered when I interact with lay people, even among these "millennial" youngsters, and discover that they lack any knowledge of the internet. I've lived on the internet for over a decade.
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😀 Tom Until travel is as fast and cheap as the internet, I think we will still have borders. Even then, on the internet, different websites are like different countries with different rules and cultures.
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👽 Lucian Marin Universal basic income (en.wikipedia.org/w...) can speed up these kind of things. It will accelerate global economy by 10x to 1000x. It's like investing in a startup, but instead governments will invest directly in people.
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Mark Dain The world has gotten very small but it doesn't feel like it's one country. There's still huge cultural differences in other parts of the world, especially languages
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