🗨️ Keb what are some options excluding TypeScript and Flow for type-checking a Node project?
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🏛️ Brandon Pittman You could write it in Reason and output JS. :)
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🧐 Nrmn I actually looked into exactly that
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🧐 Nrmn I'm honestly not sure there are any except using a cross-compiled language. Almost everything is nowadays compiling to WASM. But there are other languages that compile directly to Javascript as well. For example dart.dev
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🗨️ Keb Thanks, I think Haxe is also another option. However, I guess I'm looking for run-time type-checking modules, but doing a cursory search on npm pulls up tons of em, -- so I I'm wondering if anyone on Subreply has any recommendations there. :P
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🖥️ Lesha And, it you're going to target wasm, you'll likely use either C or Rust and at that point you don't really need wasm for server side.
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