🗨️ Keb what's your favorite tiny framework? i recently used polka (node.js) for a project and enjoyed it. also i gave bottle.py a whirl a couple weeks ago and found it pleasant. loved that it included its own templating engine.
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Miso I remember shoesrb.com, a GUI framework in ruby that's very simple to use. Brings lots of nostalgia!
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🧐 Nrmn I always loved flask but it's a long time ago that I used python. Sinatra, the ruby equivalent of flask is great as well. Today I want to give canteen a try. It's kinda like Flask as well but for Rust.
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👨‍💻 Matthieu V. Mine would be slimframework.com not a lot to learn to be able to develop some app/APIs !
🗨️ Keb Yes! I've also used Slim with my PHP projects. Great framework. The author is also the creator of phptherightway.com
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