🤔 John So, there's a lot of talk on here about social networks, especially since sub level is an experimental social network with a modest community of quality users. I know some of you have talked about or are working on your own network. I agree that existing networks have evolved in ways I'm not happy with. What can we do differently? What could separate your network (or the next alternative network) from the existing ones? What problems are they and aren't they solving?
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🧙 Lucian Marin Implementation is key, not ideas. I really liked a lot of social networks at first, but once they grown the experience suffered.
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🤔 John AFAIK you're the only one of us who's actually created a social network! I've been kicking around some high level ideas in terms of network interaction, but I'm not interested (or capable if I'm honest) of building my own. I'm mostly curious if the people here, who lean more technical than my Twitter feed, are thinking about the same kinds of limitations in existing social nets.
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Paul Webb How has the experience suffered, to you?
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Paul Webb Haha, I agree with Tom but I can share some high-level ideas. The main thing is changing the incentive for network operators. Currently, advertising rules all so I'm taking that away with Socii. Being user-funded, with a marketplace isn't going to make me super successful or cash positive anytime soon and I'm okay with that.
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😀 Tom And give away our secret ideas? :-)
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